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What is trick to welding satellite 6 overhead out of position with a wire feed , water cooled tig setup..is preheat to 500 deg enough.an hard face is layed over 309 stainless ..

I have no idea what "Satellite 6" is.
Do you mean "Stellite 6" which is a cobalt based hardface material?

The trick to welding with any hardface materials is to keep dissolution to a minimum.
That means not melting one into the other.
You want to keep your heat low and simply apply the hardface to the surface of the under-layer.
Your preheat is fine, but you will still get lots of small cracks everywhere.
Don't worry about the cracks they do not weaken the Stellite, and are common to most hardface applications.
Another thing to realize is that you will not reach the full potential of the hardface until your second layer.


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