QUESTION: Can stainless steel be welded to mild steel?

If so, is it a strong weld?

If so, can it be done with a stick welder?

Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Hello Mike,

Yes they can be welded together and with a stick welder as well.

How and which stick you should use would depend on what shapes sizes and alloys are being welded together.

If you can go into greater detail, I may be able to assist further.

Note: I will out of town for 19 of the next 22 days.



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thank you for the reply.

AS for the shapes--there will me round & square pipes and flats of different sizes.

Asfor the alloys, I really don't know how to answer that.

A fabricator told me that he made his motorcycle frame out of stainless steel.
I don't know what alloy the stainless is.

And the steel is a mild steel.

Can you tell what rods should be used by the info I gave?

Thank you.


Hi Mike,

As a general guide, I prefer to use a stainless bonding or filler rod & I try to keep 60% of the weld puddle in the 'plain' steel material. Make sure you have a bit of a bevel on the tube piece you are welding for some additional feed and blend. I typically do not stick-weld these together, however if you can run a good bead you should be fine.


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