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with reference to converting a 20 ft. shipping container into an office container, have the following questions.
1. on average (approximately) how long does it take to cut out spaces for 4 windows and 1 door way
2. what precautions (possible mistakes)should a DIY welder and cutter take when cutting out the doors and window space so as to get right size and ensure windows and doors line up.
3. in cutting a space for the air condition unit, what tips can you recommend so as to secure the unit and ensure there are no open spaces after the air condition is placed

1. Cutting windows and doors with a torch, plasma cutter or abrasive wheels on a grinder would take a few hours.

2. Measure everything twice before cutting, and make sure you know what level is before marking your cut lines.

3. You would have to built a bracket to support the weight of the AC unit.
  Use foam sealant to seal around the AC unit.  


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