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with reference to converting a 20 ft. shipping container into an office container, have the following questions.
1. on average (approximately) how long does it take to cut out spaces for 4 windows and 1 door way
2. what precautions (possible mistakes)should a DIY welder and cutter take when cutting out the doors and window space so as to get right size and ensure windows and doors line up.
3. in cutting a space for the air condition unit, what tips can you recommend so as to secure the unit and ensure there are no open spaces after the air condition is placed

The time it would take to cut out doors and windows is all according to how well you can use a Cutting torch. with thay that being said, I don't know what you'll get into when you start cutting. Now for the actual measurements for the window and doors the person that I would talk to would be a carpenter. They cut doors and windows in houseing all the time. I can't imagine it being very hard
I am sorry I can't be of more help. BELINDA  


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Most on welding and fabrication, blueprints, pipefitting, orbital welding. I can give advice on technique and choosing the right rods, process, and material to use. I know a few short cuts to use that may help in different areas. I have helped train new welders and have been welding in the construction industry for 31 years.


I have worked in the construction industry 31 years. I have worked in several environments that would include petrol-chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper mills, clear room facilities, and much more.

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