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Welding/Crack chrome bolt hole on zx9 2002 frame


Can the frame hole on a zx9 2002 be welded if its chrome

OK so it looks like you are talking about a 2002 Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle.
The simple answer is YES.
The chrome plating has little affect on weldability, but is does pose problems for finishing it up after the repair.
The location is such that you will have to remove a lot of components in the vicinity, including the gas tank.
Once the area is clear, the broken tab will need to have the plating ground back about 1/4" from the crack, and both sides of the crack will need to be lightly beveled.
It is often easier to place a copper plate behind the piece as a chill bar and simply weld up the hole, then re-drill the hole later.
If the frame is steel, it is likely 4130 chrome-moly, so there is a bit of a procedure to welding it that simply involves using an ER80S-D2 TIG filler rod, with a light preheat and a slow cool.

ER80S-D2 can be purchased online at

After the cleanup of the welded tab, you will have to decide if chrome paint is good enough.
Otherwise it means stripping everything off and replating the frame.


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