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During a pre employment physical test they discover a heart condition that will not let me get a job. I am new in the area and have no medical insurance. Where could i go to get those tests needed. They are very expensive.

Healthcare in America is going to continue to be an ongoing issue, as it's intended to be, as prices continue to rise and access decreases. Sorry for what you're going through. I would recommend you contact your local unemployment office immediately and tell them you need a referral number to a local indigent care person or office. If they refuse to answer or brush you off, hang up and call back ten minutes later and keep doing it until you get an answer. Write down who you speak with, what time, date, and what they tell you, so you can document every statement made. Tests can easily make you broke whether you have a job or not, so you need help.

Start with the unemployment people. Then look up http://www.vitahealth.org/index.aspx?page=518.

Again, document everything anyone tells you, as many "free" healthcare places have hidden charges, are only open one or two days per month, or have other hidden secrets to keep people from relying on them or are very far away. Make sure you write down every person's full name, phone number, date, time, what they said, and who they referred you to. Talk to supervisors whenever possible.

Good luck!

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