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Several years ago I watched a Western in the middle of the night so I only remember some scenes. I have been looking for this movie ever since. Here's what I remember. It's set in a town which is run by some bad guys (maybe the sherif turned bad). A black man visits with a white woman (she's a widow due to the bad guys having killed her husband). They caress or maybe even kiss. They decide to stand up to the bad guys.  Next scene I remember is a massive shooting in the saloon where the bad guys tied up some of the town folk. Everyone dies in this scene. I think they shoot the black actor as well as the woman (but am not sure about his anymore).  I also recall something about some towns people having been ousted from the town. The bad guys set out a cart with food but then shoot the people as they come to get it. Very gloomy and dark western - wish I remembered more but that's all I have. I am 90% sure it was in black & white. It was certainly odd to see a black actor in a Western set in that time period.

Dear Yvonne:

  Unfortunately there have been few westerns with black protagonists and even fewer with the hint of any interracial relationship. However I am going to offer you a suggestion of a movie from 1969 which may have certain elements which you are looking for. The movie is 100 rifles and it helped launch the career of Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds plays an Indian named Yaqui Joe, who robs a bank to buy guns for his people who are savagely repressed in a town by Mexican outlaws. But wait, Reynolds is pursued by a black sheriff (played by former football player, Jim Brown)While in this town, Sheriff Lydecker (Jim Brown) meets a widow, Sarita (whose husband has been killed by the Mexicans)and soon a romance begins to blossom. The end result is that Brown joins forces with Reynolds to liberate the Indians. I do not believe that Jim Brown survives the movie and I am not sure about Sarita (played by Raquel Welch). But again this is one of the  sparse movies that does reflect the boldness of a relationship between a white woman and a black man in a period where these entanglements were far from popular. This is probably the most accessible western with these plot elements that I have uncovered.
I hope this movie is the one which you have been looking for. If there are any more aspects of the plot which you remember, do not hesitate to write me if this is not the right one.
It was my personal pleasure to research this question for you.

Have a Happy New year and be blessed,
Bruce Simon


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