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Seen on TV many years ago. Two men are besieged in a burning cabin. One is mortally wounded and buries the healthy one in the dirt floor, utilising the chimney from the stove as a breathing pipe to the outside of the cabin, under the wall. The wounded guy eventually gets shot dead by the baddies waiting to "smoke them out", who then wait for the uninjured guy to come out.
 The cabin finally burns down without him emerging, much to their surprise, and the lead baddie stomps around the ashes, stumbling over the end of the "breathing pipe" sticking up out of the dirt, which has had a bean can placed over it by the dead guy to protect the buried guy from inhaling smoke. The bad guy kicks the can in temper, mounts up, and rides off with his gang. Finally, the surviving good guy emerges from the "grave" his dead friend had buried him in and goes after the baddies. I'm sure Rory Calhoun was the good guy, and Cameron Mitchell the bad guy. I saw this film on a black and white TV, so I have no idea if it was in colour. And I saw it during the 70's, but I think it was either a 50's or 60's film.

To Mike:

  The movie that I believe that you are looking for is Powder River (1953) and it is in black and white.The plot revolves around Rory Calhoun surviving the death of his prospecting partner when their cabin is besieged by outlaws after their treasure. However Cameron Mitchell (who plays gunman Mitch Hardin) is an ally of Calhoun's especially after Calhoun turns from becoming a prospector to marshal of a nearby town.The villains in question are the notorious Hogan brothers (played by Carl Betz and John Dehner) who obviously are responsible for the original slaying. The love interest is played by Corinne Calvert who is Frenchie Dumont a saloon owner with a questionable past. Rory Calhoun and Cameron Mitchell also played together in one more  film "How to marry a Millionaire" starring Marilyn Monroe.

 I hope this information helps you in every way. It has been great trying to answer this question for you.If I can help you further, do not hesitate to write me again.

Take care and be blessed,
Bruce Simon


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