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I am looking for a western film title I saw back in the '60s or '70s with my parents at our local drive-in, the only scene I could vaguely recall was a trail of a cowboys either baddies or goodies hidden in moving wagons covered with supplies and they make a suprise attack on a town or large ranch.Hope this discription helps you in some ways.Thank you for reading this e-mail.

Kind regards

To Anton:

   There are a number of possibilities for this movie.However I am going to try with this movie that has several elements which you may be looking for. The name of the film is "The Covered Wagon Raid" which came out in 1950. The plot synopsis is as follows:

   Under the leadership of a cutthroat named Grif (Dick Curtis), a band of outlaws has systematically been robbing and murdering settlers bound for the large Chandler ranch which has been cut up into small parcels of land for purchase. The postmaster, and operator of the Three Monkeys Saloon, Harvey Grimes (Alex Gerry) opens all mail addressed to Nugget Clark (Eddy Waller), foreman of the Chandler ranch, and is able to tell who is coming to buy land. He passes the information along to the outlaws and they bring their hauls back to him. Some of the settlers are clients of the Mohican Insurance Company, which sends their ace agent, Rocky Lane (Allan Lane) to investigate. Rocky finds a piece of a watch fob that links Brag (Pierce Lyden), one of Grif's men, to the recent killing of a settler. When Brag becomes unduly nervous, Grif shoots him and lays the blame on Rocky, posing as an itinerant cowhand.
  Additional research enabled me to pick up on a method used sometimes by the outlaw gang of one or more its members hiding in back of an unsuspecting settler's covered wagon and initiating the attack.So this film has potential.
   For a more modern movie that has outlaws besieging covered wagons and a courageous , undaunted, former Confederate hero avenging his family's murder by renegade Union soldiers, I will also recommend "The Outlaw Josey Wales" starring Clint Eastwood, which came out in 1976. I will enclose an additional brief synopsis.
  The end of the civil war is nearing. The northern soldiers though, won't let up. The "Red Legs" as some of these notorious war criminals are called are still pillaging,and plundering the homesteads in the territory and...killing the families.Wales is a victim of these brutal attacks, his house burned to the ground and his wife and son viciously attacked and murdered. He joins up with a group of others who are out to avenge their families and they become a notorious group. When they are offered a deal at the end of the war, they all turn themselves in..all but one...Josey Wales!
  Ride with Josey(everyone else does) across the beautiful western vistas, as he takes on the "Red Legs" that are after him, saves a family from "Commancheros", makes friends with the Indians, and wears his heart on his sleeve as along the way he seems to attract a group of outcasts, including a dog, that he just can't leave behind.
 So, I hope either one of these two suggestion will answer your question completely. It has been my personal joy to help you and if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write me again.

Take Care and be blessed,
Bruce Simon


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