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As a kid, I used to watch westerns all the time with my father. I cannot remember the name of one that he particularly liked and he cannot answer because of the vague scene I remember. A young man journeys to town without any supplies. He does so boisterously, knowing that it is a long trip. By the time he makes it to town, he is extremely dehydrated and delirious. He hallucinates about ice cream and orders some at a saloon, shortly before collapsing. I hope this isn't the most vague description you've been given and thank you so much for considering this question!

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Dear Josh:

  Though the description is certainly vague,I am searching the recesses of my mind for anything that does compute. The closest that I can come is a film called Django. It came out in 1966 and it is part of a series about a drifter (played by Franco Nero), who arrives in a town, held by murderous renegades, carrying a closed coffin with him.The central conflict is stealing gold from an abandoned Mexican fort.The movie is super violent, but the thing which I remember in a hazy way, is that Django comes to town without any supplies and having survived either an ambush or a massacre.
 I hope this helps you and your father. if this is not the film,please do not hesitate to write me again, especially if you remember any other detail.

 Have a happy New Year and be richly blessed,


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