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When I was young I used to watch a show on Saturday morning featuring western movies. There was a movie about men logging on a mountain and as they were driving their loaded trucks down the mountain they were forced off the road by an approaching vehicle. As it turned out their enemies where using mirrors to cause them to crash. I really enjoyed this movie and I hope you can help me. Thanks, Jim

Dear Jim:

  After a combination of wracking my brain and doing some research, I have come up with two possible movies both of which involve logging as the main plot.

  The first one is called Timberjack (1955) Tim Shipman returns to his father's logging company only to find his father has been killed, money is owed, and Croft Brunner controls the railroad used to haul out the logs. But he learns the Government restriction on his valuable stand of timber has been lifted. Brunner wants that timber and tries to buy him out. Refusing to sell, Tim makes plans to somehow get the timber out. the stars were Sterling Hayden, David Brian,Adolphe Monjou, Vera Ralston,Chills Wills and Hoagy Carmaichel.

 The second movie is called  RIVER LADY (‘48 Universal International) Domineering Yvonne De Carlo’s logging syndicate, with her front man, Dan Duryea, is trying to squeeze all the small loggers out of business and monopolize the industry. Lumberjack Cameron and Duryea are rivals for the affections of De Carlo, who prefers Cameron. After much plotting and machinations by De Carlo she eventually realizes her ambitions have defeated her with Cameron’s affections. This was Cameron’s last film on his Universal contract; therefore they gave him, as star of the picture, third billing behind De Carlo and even Duryea to whom they were giving the buildup. Technicolor.

 Out of the two, I like Timberjack as the best possible choice. But that is just an intuitive choice on my part.

 I hope this does answer your question. if you have any additional information, do not hesitate to write me has been a personal joy trying to help you in your quest.

Take care and God bless you,


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