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The movie was about a wagon train with people from Europe who intended to go to California (or west) to plant their olives or grapes. They had to battle Indians and did so by jumping, bouncing, from boulder to boulder. I canít remember the movie title, stars, or year but would like to see it again.

Dear Randall:

   I think that I may have found the answer to your question.The name of the movie that you are looking for is a 1959 movie called "Thunder in the Sun", directed by Randall Rouse and starring Jeff Chandler and Susan Hayward.

   The film shows a family of French Basque immigrants pioneering into the Wild West while carrying their ancestral vines. Hard drinking trail driver Lon Bennett is hired to lead them and he falls for the spirited Gabrielle Dauphin.

    This tale of Basques crossing the U.S. in 1847 with a load of grapevines has stock characters in slightly different guises. Susan Hayward is Gabrielle, a member of the Basque party who inexplicably speaks with a French accent (Basques speak their own unique language, and secondarily either Spanish or French.) She and her husband Andres (Carl Esmond), along with the others, are hoping to start a wine-growing industry on the West coast. Jeff Chandler is Lon Bennett, the lascivious-minded guide of the wagon train who openly chases after Gabrielle. Even after Gabrielle's husband is accidentally killed and she is married off, by custom, to his younger brother, Bennett does not relinquish his ardor. Their problematical relationship continues as several adventures befall the group, including the requisite battle with Native Americans.

  The film is infamous among Basques for its misunderstandings of Basque customs, such as the use of the xistera (a device of the jai alai sport) as a weapon or shouting irrintzi ululations as meaningful communication.[citation needed] Other commentators, though, have noted the well staged action scenes, the absorbing story, and the excellent cinematography

  Here is the compete cast as well:

   Susan Hayward as Gabrielle Dauphin
   Jeff Chandler as Lon Bennett
   Jacques Bergerac as Pepe Dauphin
   Blanche Yurka as Louise Dauphin
   Carl Esmond as Andre Dauphin
   Fortunio Bonanova as Fernando Christophe
   Bertrand Castelli as Edmond Duquette
   Albert Carrier
   Felix Locher as Danielle
   Michele Marly
   Albert Villasainte
   Veda Ann Borg as Marie

 It looks like this movie would be easy to find or see on the computer. I hope you can be reunited with it soon.

 If you have any further inquiries, , do not hesitate to get in touch with me again.

Take care and be blessed,
Bruce Simon  


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