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Need to know the title please about a bunch of baddies or goodies who hide in  moving wagons covered over with light cargo for a surprise attack on a town or field, saw it in a drive-in with my parents around the late fifties or in the sixties. Thank you.

Dear Anton:

   There are three suggested movies which i will recommend to you, that have a similar theme .

  The first is Westward Ho with John Wayne and Sheila Bromley (1935)

  John Wyatt (John Wayne) vows to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of cattle rustlers. Years later, Wyatt is put in charge of a band of vigilantes, bent on rounding up a gang of outlaws. He discovers that one of the bandits is his own long-lost brother Jim Wyatt (Frank McGlynn Jr.) This revelation eventually leads John to the men responsible for the slaughter of his family.

 The second is Courageous Avenger (1935)  

   Lawman Kirk Baxter (Brown) is sent to investigate a rash of thefts of gold bullion from a mine and the disappearance or murder of passengers of stagecoaches in the area. In his investigation, Kirk discovers the passengers are kidnapped to become slave laborers for the outlaws in a hidden cave. Kirk discovers that the gang has been tipped off to the shipments by a mine employee sending carrier pigeons. Kirk suspects mine superintendent Carson (Cassidy). Kirk identifies one of the gang members and follows his horse to the secret hideout. Kirk is captured, but manages to escape, freeing all the prisoners, when the gang leaves to rob another shipment. Can Kirk and his new friends stop the outlaws in time.

 Hint: The outlaws are concealed in wagons to overcome the passengers

The last one is How The West Was Won -1962

  The movie is divided into four segments. The last segment is called the Outlaws and takes place in is when Zeb Rawlings played by George Peppard)is a Marshall at Gold City.He must contend with an old enemy Charlie Gant (Eli Wallach) who with his gang plan to conceal themselves aboard a train and hijack it before it reaches the destination of the town. Again the idea of concealment is used in this portion of the movie.

I hope one of these three suggestions is the one that you are looking for. If you need to give me any more information , please do not hesitate to write me again.

Take care and be blessed,
Bruce R Simon


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