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I'm looking for the name of a western movie where this guy found this indian girl, her foot was injured.  The guy befriended the girl and nursed her back to health.

A band of outlaws found them and took the girl. If memory serves me right, they tied her spread eagle to some trees and they all raped her. The guy who nursed her back to health found her, but the damage was done so the indian girl died.

Of course this set the guy on a mission to kill all the outlaws.  I hope this very limited info helps.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Joe:

  I have an idea the movie you may be referring to is Django starring Franco Nero which came out in 1966. It is a Sergio Corbucci spaghetti western. The film earned a reputation as one of the most violent films ever made at the time, and was subsequently refused a certificate in the United Kingdom until 1993, when it was issued an 18 certificate (the film was downgraded to a 15 certificate in 2004)

  Here is a plot synopsis. I see some potential similarities in this.

On the Mexico-United States border, a drifter, wearing a Union uniform and dragging a coffin, witnesses María, a beautiful half-breed prostitute, being tied to a bridge and whipped by Mexican bandits. The bandits are dispatched by henchmen of Major Jackson – a racist ex-Confederate officer – who prepare to kill María by crucifying her atop a burning cross. The drifter, who identifies himself as Django, easily shoots the men, and offers María protection. The pair arrive in a ghost town, populated only by Nathaniel, a bartender, and five prostitutes. Nathaniel explains that the town is a neutral zone in a conflict between Jackson’s Klansmen and General Hugo Rodríguez’s revolutionaries.
Django confronts Major Jackson in the saloon. Nathaniel is visible over his shoulder.

Jackson and four of his men arrive at the saloon to extract protection money from Nathaniel. Django verbally confronts two of the Klansmen when they harass a prostitute, and ridicules Jackson’s beliefs. Django then shoots his men, and challenges Jackson to return with all of his accomplices. He then spends the night with María.

Jackson later returns with his entire gang. Using a machine gun contained in his coffin, Django guns down much of the Klan, allowing Jackson and a handful of men to escape. While helping Nathaniel bury the corpses, Django visits the grave of Mercedes Zaro, his former lover who was killed by Jackson. Hugo and his revolutionaries arrive and capture Jackson's spy, Brother Jonathan. As punishment, Hugo cuts off Jonathan's ear, forces him to eat it, and shoots him in the back. Later, Django proposes to Hugo (who Django had once saved in prison) that they steal Jackson’s gold, currently lodged in the Mexican Army’s Fort Charriba.

Nathaniel, under the guise of bringing prostitutes for the soldiers, drives a horse cart containing Django, Hugo and four revolutionaries (two of whom are named Miguel and Ricardo) into the Fort, allowing them to massacre many of the soldiers – Miguel uses Django’s machine gun, while Django, Hugo and Ricardo fight their way to the gold. As Django and the revolutionaries escape, Jackson gives chase, but is forced to stop when the thieves reach American territory. Django asks for his share of the gold, but Hugo, wanting to use it to fund his attacks on the Mexican Government, promises to pay Django once he is in power.

When Ricardo tries to force himself onto María during the post-heist party, a fight erupts between Django and Ricardo, resulting in the latter’s death. Hugo allows Django to spend the night with María, but he chooses another prostitute. Django has the prostitute distract the men guarding the safehouse containing the gold, and enters the house via the chimney. Stealing the gold in his coffin and activating his machine gun as a diversion, Django loads the coffin onto a wagon. María implores Django to take her with him.

Arriving at the bridge where they first met, Django tells María that they should part ways, but María begs him to abandon the gold so they can start a new life together. When María’s rifle misfires, the coffin falls into the quicksand below. Django nearly drowns when he tries to recover the gold, and María is wounded by Hugo’s men while trying to save him. Miguel crushes Django’s hands as punishment for being a thief, and Hugo’s gang leave for Mexico despite their lack of financial resources. Upon arrival, the revolutionaries are massacred by Jackson and the army. Django and María return to the saloon, finding only Nathaniel there, and Django tells them that, despite his crushed hands, he must kill Jackson to prevent further bloodshed.

Jackson learns that Django is waiting for him at the cemetery and kills Nathaniel, but not before the once-submissive bartender hides María. Django, resting himself on the back of Mercedes Zaro’s cross, pulls the trigger guard off his revolver with his teeth and rests it against the cross, just as Jackson’s gang arrive. Believing that Django cannot make the sign of the cross with his mutilated hands, Jackson shoots the corners of Zaro's cross. Django then kills Jackson and his men by pushing the trigger against the cross and repeatedly pulling back the hammer. Leaving his pistol on Zaro’s cross, Django staggers out of the cemetery, ready to start a new life with María.

I hope this movie answers your is the closest I could come for now.If you have any additional information, do not hesitate to write me again.

Take care and God bless you
Bruce Simon  


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