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Ok so i have been studying the craft for about half a year but decided for 2013 i would really get my self prepared for a self-initiation and lean the super important like being a witch 101. by the way I'm going to be sixteen in make a long story short my dad told me "witches aren't allowed in my house/if i thought you were a witch i would kill you, I'm serious" my parent already knew i was interested in witchcraft for a while and proceeded to tell me stuff like i cant believe in god while being a witch and magick isn't for people my dad went so far as to tell me about the to angles that created it against gods will i just don't know what to do now please help

This is one of the questions I'm most frequently asked. Wicca and Witchcraft are very attractive to younger people; these religions allow an expression of spirituality that meets us where we are at, they address the problems that we are facing with our environment, they foster mutual respect, individual learning and personal responsibility.

The problem that you have is that your father doesn't want witchcraft in his home, and that is his right. One of the principles of witchcraft is honesty - unless we can speak with truth, our magick will be ineffective. Magick is based on the power of the spoken word - what we speak comes to pass because our words speak only truth. Because of this, I'd advise against the practice of witchcraft in any situation where you would be likely to lie about that practice.

So my advice to you, in your present situation is this - take your time. The Gods and Goddesses know your heart. Provoking anger on the part of your parents will not help you. Your relationship with your parents is important, and honoring the wishes of your parents is important in Wicca and Witchcraft and all of Paganism, just as much as it is in Christianity. There is a concept called filial piety which is something everyone should understand - it means that we honor our parents and ancestors.

At the moment you have about 2 years during which you must live in your parent's home. After that, you will be free to make choices for yourself. You have time to learn skills, to become self-sufficient. If you set your mind to it, you could learn graphic design, web design, landscaping, auto mechanics, woodworking, cooking - just about anything you really want to learn, and you can leave high school and get a job. Or you could work on insuring that you get into college - perhaps with part-time or summer jobs and have your own apartment.

When you're living on your own, then you can practice your faith with integrity. You can practice and speak the truth and not have to lie to your father about what it is that you are doing. At that point though, your father may choose not to invite you back into his home. The concept of filial piety comes into play then as well - you will need to honor his wishes. On the other hand, he might begin to learn a bit more about the faith you practice. You can tell him, in truth, that even when you were living with him, that your heart was still Pagan, that you believed something different than he did, but because you honor his wishes, you did not practice that faith in his home. You can demonstrate honor and truth and conviction, and show him that these things are part of your faith. It may help him to see a bit more clearly and differently.

You are certainly old enough to study what you wish, and the advice I'd offer as far as studying and reading is to learn all you can. There are great online courses at Magicka School and others, where you can study for free. There are great radio shows and podcasts - mine is called PaganFM, but there is A Pagan Heart in Maine, The Wigglian Way, The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne, Pagan Musings Podcast, Iron Powaqa, Pagan in Portland, The Secrets in Plain Sight - there are far more than I can possibly name here. There is also Murphy's Magic Mess - a radio show airing on Sunday mornings on KZUM in Lincoln Nebraska. You have many opportunities to learn, and certainly, self-initiation, right now, isn't that important in the scheme of things. Really, what initiation is is an introduction to the Gods and Goddesses, and the outward act is far less important than the inner work that is being done.

Seriously, I hope that you honor your father's wishes. I hope that you continue to study, to learn, to learn more about yourself, and that you make an informed decision, whatever you choose to do, and that you continue to learn more about yourself. When the time comes, you'll know exactly what to do.



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