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hi :) so i'm pretty familiar with wicca. i first got interested in it when i was 11 but stopped when i was convinced it was not good for me. i started getting back into it when i was 13 but strayed away when i felt it didn't match with me. now i'm 17 and am interested in it again. i'm naturally a spiritual person anyway, believing that everything in this entire universe acts as one. being connected to nature feels to warming and peaceful. i know some other wiccans in my life and other people say that they invite evil spirits into their lives with all the magic they're conjuring; that's one of the reasons i've been hesitant to start casting. i don't exactly believe in ghosts of paranormal things because there's no hard scientific evidence. is it possible for wicca to be scientific with all of its magick spells? it's such a peaceful religion and i think it gets a bad wrap. & even though i've studied it before, right now im confused as to how to start again. your advice is much appreciated :)

Hi Amandaj
That's a really great question. I work as an engineer, and science and facts are very important to me. For quite some time I thought that religion must be nonsense; after all, we can't prove anything spiritual, like God, spirits, reincarnation, any of it, with science.

But then I realized that it wasn't spirituality that was flawed, but rather, my understanding of science. I had come to believe that if science couldn't explain a thing, then it mustn't exist. That was wrong. I realized that until recently, we had no idea what gravity was. We knew that things fell, but we couldn't explain WHY. We could see the effects of gravity, but we hand no idea what it was. It was the exact same thing with magnetism. Nor do we fully understand Quantum physics today. None of this relegates gravity, magnetism or quantum physics to some fantasy.

I also realized that I have done magic with significant effects. I've also seen healings and spiritual works that go far beyond any "coincidence". The fact that science hasn't yet explained these things is not a failing on the part of the spiritual realm; it's just that these things haven't been properly investigated yet.

Magic, and religions that use magick, such as Wicca, are simply using natural forces. Aleister Crowly defined magic as "the art and science of effecting change in conformity to will". Note that crowley never said that magic involved some spooky force - whatever method that we use to "effect change" is a form of magic. These can be psychological techniques, such as hpynosis, they can be spiritual means, or what we now call "magic" or "magick". It doesn't matter.

I'd recommend a book by Isaac Bonewits called "Real Magic". Isaac received a degree in magic at UC Berkley years ago. He was the first and last person to get that degree. Real Magic answers precisely the question you are asking, and I think it would be a good read for you. Sadly, Isaac died a couple of years ago, but this one book is incredibly valuable to people just like you, and me. Here is a link.


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