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Anna-Vaughn wrote at 2008-11-30 05:17:08
I live in Cow Island (South Louisiana) and my brother has seen one of the big cats(whichever one it is really called, i dont know). Anyway, my cousins dog was attacked by one about a month ago and my boyfriends mother told me that she used to her them "screaming" at night when she was a child. So they're still out there.

Mark wrote at 2009-02-23 18:19:59
I grew up in Southwestern, La, in Hathaway north of Jennings.  We lived near where Bayou Nezpique is located.  I on two different occasions saw a large cougar sized cat that was completely black. I come from a large family and only one of our family members claims to have never seen one.  Call them what you may, but they do or at least recently did exist in Louisiana.  And yes they do make a hair raising gut wrenching scream that sounds like a woman in distress, (terrible distress).  I don't care what experts say, I know these "black panthers" exist(ed).

lprather wrote at 2009-06-20 21:47:00
The Common Screech Owl occurs throughout the south including Louisiana. This small bird can sound just like a woman screaming, or a "panther". I have been on many camping trips where other campers would exclaim in fear "did you hear that panther"? Panthers are no longer found in Louisiana and there is no record of any black panther in Louisiana.

Rachel wrote at 2009-07-19 16:12:45
My neighbor reported a sighting just today. He says a very large black panther was eating something in the woods near my house. I live in Southeastern LA. I know what an owl sounds like. I also used to hear panthers' screams at night as a child when I'd sit on my balcony with my mother. They are not the same. Some kind of black wild cat is still inhabiting LA.

connie wrote at 2009-07-26 23:21:28
I almost hit a black panther in 1980 on grays creek road on the grant/rapides parish border.  At 7 pm I left work in bad rain, I was in a 1977 toyota celica and always slowed down approaching grays creek bottom after curve because flash rains often had water over road. That nite as I came around curve and was almost to creek bottom a large balck panher lept out in front of my car. As I slammed on my brakes the cat crouched slightly and snarled at my car.  The cat's size from tip of nose to end of tail stretched entire width of road appx 7 feet. This was no "hello kitty", this was a very large predator that I happened across.  The cat lept off into the woods about the time my car died and I was sliding toward the ditch.  My bigget fear was that it would come back before I could get the car started.  I grew up in the big thicket of Texas and heard panther screams quite often, I never go into the woods without a gun since that nite 29 years ago.  

I also saw smaller black cat in Kolin/Deville area in 1994 on the edge of my property that bordered horsepen creek area. I was clearing land and looked toward woods and a cat had paused and we looked at each other about 100 feet apart- cat was size of a pit bull.  Cat gone in a flash- my sons reported seeing a smaller one in the same woods 1 year later.

mjm wrote at 2010-02-14 03:28:19
I too remember stories of panther's when I was growing up. One was told by my aunt who told of being by herself way out in the country and hearing a panther at her door. Another was told by a friend who lived down the road, of a panther sighting in their tree. We lived not far from a small patch of woods.  

Dan wrote at 2010-03-21 15:17:05
gotta say I heard something sounds like that here in northeast LA and it is only in the spring and fall...not sure if an owel migrates or a panther..but that sucker was load and sends a chill up my back...I live near a swamp..and my grandmother for years has claimed that it is a panther...there is even recent photos.

TJ Bounds wrote at 2010-09-14 01:37:14
I was born and raised in Louisiana all my life.I am now 19 years old and have had 2 sightings of the phantom "Black Panther" during my lifetime.The first was when i was there-abouts 12 years old on my way to the duck camp on Caddo Lake(north Lousiana,Caddo Parish) he jumped onto the roadway infront of us and in a flash he was gone in the bushes.None of the 3 of us in the truck knew what to think but we knew wat we had just seen.The sencond was 2 days ago on Sept. 11th 2010,I was on my way teal hunting and i saw a shadow on the side of the road in front of me so i slowed down thinking it was a deer.It was in fact not a deer it was a jet black cat standing about 36in tall to the shoulder and maby 5ft long.He stood there for a moment as I put the spotlight on him and then in a flash he was gone-dissapearing into the brush.Now i am 100% sure that what i had seen those years ago was infact a phanton "Black Panther".I truely wish i had a camera with me to capture the beauty of this animal.

Thanks and stay safe, you dont know wats out there sometimes.

TJ Bounds

DianaC wrote at 2011-03-01 17:36:45
My step dad saw a Black Puma or Panther about 10 - 15 years ago. This was somewhere  near the marsh in Lake Charles.

T. Booty wrote at 2011-03-03 04:24:16
They are still medium size cats in Louisiana, Here's the catch>The cougar which normally dark butterscotch,or panther Black, or crossbred which is rusty in color,.They have a known travel range of up to fifty miles,so anything in its roaming range would have to be shutdown to accomodate the cat by federal law ....for instance Fort Polk and other very important places so NO the Goverment will never ever admit the cats are there, way too much headache, I know they are in Louisiana, I have seen a black one and a dark butterscotch which i almost run over it, actually seen it twice, My cousin seen seven of them one morning going to work,then sitting on the deer stand with her young son ,it came up and growled she shot beside it and it turned and walked away , my dad seen a rusty red colored one also yeah they are still around and with the pig pop. coming back ,there will be more sightings i am sure,  

smartin wrote at 2011-11-09 21:07:38
On 11-7-11, just after dark, I heard a panther "scream" on the back side of Bagdad Loop, close to Colfax, LA.  At first I thought it was kids playing, then there was a scream like a woman fighting for her life, then this repeated.  Then, there was a sound sort of like coyotes, but not really.  It was an eerie sound.  I'm wondering was it babies answering the mother?  Anyway, we checked with neighbors, and one saw two black panthers recently during the day at about the location where the sound was coming from.  I have checked with many others and there have been numerous sightings in the last year or so in Grant Parish.  There seems to be an over population of big cats now.  They have even been seen on the side of the highway, killed while trying to cross.  Many people have "looked them in the eye."  That must be frightening.  I haven't heard of any livestock being attacked, and I hope they stick to killing wild animals.

believer wrote at 2011-11-22 21:13:59
I would like to assure everyone that there are in fact a large population of black panthers still in Louisiana.  My family has had many sightings in the last two years.  I remember as a child, standing on our back porch and listening to one that roamed in the woods behind our home.  They seemed to have died off in the 80's and 90's but have come back in a vengance.  There have been many sightings in Washington and St. Tammany parishes in the last few years.  Just a few months ago, at the lake on our property, my brother was fishing, and one ran across the dam in front of him, only about 20 feet from him.  Needless to say that ended his fishing trip. LOL

nellie wrote at 2013-02-08 03:32:15
When I was in high school,(in the 90s) my best friend's parents would occasionally see two panthers behind their house that they were renting. They lived about five miles out of Krotz Springs, in St. Landry Parish. They said that they were huge and beautiful creatures that would jump easily and gracefully, over the tall fence, near a barn, in the rear of the rental property.

Here we are, more than 15 years later, and black panthers are still thriving here in Louisiana.

I heard one right behind my house on Monday morning at approx. 5:25AM(gut-wrenching screams, like a woman fighting for her life), and then, the donkey started. Later that day, I was speaking to my sister about it, and she said that my brother-in-law saw one in Sherburne last week.  

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