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I was in the McCain Valley wilderness area in California 3 weeks ago and spotted what I believe were coyote, but could not ascertain for sure. I spotted 2 of the animals together trotting by looking apparently for something they were intent on eating. Their posture was pretty intent and aggressive. Their tails seemed to be straight up while they were moving by me (about 25 yds below me on a ridge) and the tails were fluffy. There was some red tint to one of them but mostly they were grey like a wolf. Can not for the life of me recall whether they had the large ears or the dark markings around the eyes like the kit fox. This was 12 noon on a sunny day. One of them climbed up on top of a boulder at one point and looked right at me for several seconds. They got spooked and I saw one of them really haul it down a road, moving so fast! The animal seemed to be a bit smaller than an adult coyote, which made me think at first it was a young coyote. Thanks for your answer!

From your description and their actions and postures.....
Without seeing a photo they sound like coyotes.  I have seen coyotes that have a reddish tint in certain light.  Coyotes can be found hunting in groups.  I have seen coyotes with their tails straight up like a dog, but have not seen a fox do that.

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