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I live in Northern Bergen County, New Jersey in a town called Ridgewood. Last year I spotted a weasel type animal on my property which was black and looked something like a less long somewhat chubby ferret. When I looked online the closest picture I saw was a Mink. A Ferret was much longer in body length.

Well this morning at around 8 am a similar if not the same animal caught my attention on our back porch wood pile. Nervously I snapped as many pictures as I could before this animal scurried off. Unfortunately all are not crisp and somewhat blurry. I figured that perhaps even one of these pictures might help identify this animal. I learned online that Minks do live here in Northern New Jersey but are rarely seen and even more rarely photographed. Perhaps that's why I was so nervous trying to capture its image before the animal was gone. I did my best and I not sure how well a pour quality picture will help with its identification. I have four decent photographs. Don't know how many I can send you here. If only one than I will pick the best one.

Thank you for your help.

Dear Daniel,

The coloring of the animal's pelt and its posture suggest to me that it could very well be a mink, and these critters certainly extend across the Northeastern United States, which would of course include New Jersey.

I hope this helps.



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