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So i dont want to bother you
but not to long  back i asked you about a track i found
i found another one today
i dont know what its from but its bigger than the last one its measured at 5 inches long by 4 inches wide  
its so big
i dont even have a clue as to what it could be
our barn dog Kacie is far to small to create rhat
she still goes crazy at night. We live in southern canada in the country

Dear Melissa,

The tracks are definitely those of a canid, and the fact that they're larger suggests that there may more than one visiting your property. I'd speculate that the specimen is likely a sizable wolf.

Have you considered purchasing any non-lethal wolf deterrents? The canid is definitely trying to exploit, or is aware of the presence of, a potentially exploitable food source. In this case, the apparent target appears to be your chicken farm. Naturally, your barn dog can sense the wolf's presence via pheromones and the like, and perceives it as encroaching on your territory.

A wolf, especially of that size, would have no problem dispatching of a barn dog (or something like a German Shepherd, for example). The likelihood of the wolf actually harming a member of your household is low, and up until a few years ago there was no confirmed case of a wolf killing a human being in North America. That being said, your dog may very well be in danger, and the canid's confidence likely increases after each visitation.

I hope that the above will be of use in resolving your quandary.



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