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What the abilities of bobcat like the strength, speed, endurance, senses, jaw strength, and others.
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Bobcat and house cat can they breed into a hybrid?

Male feral Cat vs female bobcat

Hi Terry,

Bobcats are medium-sized felids that can be found throughout North America. Males are one to two feet tall at the shoulder, and weigh about nine kilograms; females are 75% as heavy as males. A bobcat's weaponry include its retractable claws and canine teeth. Because bobcats have abridged tails, their anatomy does not allow them to engage in chases that involve sharp turns. As a result, bobcats, like other species' of lynx, have evolved to capture their prey over very short chases.

Lynxes have relatively strong jaws for their size, but because their diet usually consists of rodents, rabbits, and the like, they have not acquired exceedingly powerful jaws relative to the remainder of the animal kingdom; wolves, hyenas, and other animals can bite much harder for their size.

If a bobcat and a red fox were to engage in a fight to the death, there is little doubt that the bobcat would emerge as victor unless the red fox was much larger, which they usually are not. The fact is that felids have a significant advantage over canids vis-a-vis their flexible forelimbs, which allow them to subdue canids and safely administer a killing bite. Wolves are known to have been killed by mountain lions via this manner and hyenas, which are not canids, have been killed by leopards as well for much the same reason.

Bobcats and domestic felines are very closely related, and I'm sure that they could produce offspring, which themselves would probably be fertile. Although female bobcats only weigh about seven kilograms, they are still generally larger and better armed than domesticated cats, feral or otherwise, and I think one would have the advantage if a conflict were to ensue.

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