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Hi Dyan,
Could you possibly answer a few questions for my 4th grade research project? First, can you tell me about some of the things you need in your home if you want to keep a baby penguin? Are they friendly or are they vicious? I was also wondering if you have some really funny stories about your experiences with penguins. Thank you so much for your help!


Hi Sammi,

Well, you really can't keep a baby penguin in your home. All penguin species are protected by law and cannot be kept as pets. Even if they could, you wouldn't want one in your home for many reasons - the most important being that they are really, really smelly!!

And, as far as their temperament goes, even though penguins look all cute and cuddly, they really are not. They have extremely sharp beaks - and they aren't afraid to use them! Some hand-raised penguins (like the ones I raised at the New England Aquarium) can be friendly when they're young, but once they're about two years old, they're only interested in finding a mate, and their attitude towards people typically changes. Once they're adults (whether in the wild or in an aquarium) penguins become extremely territorial, and if you get too close to them or their nest, they will lunge at you and bite you. I have many, many scars on my hands from being bitten by penguins!

As for funny stories about working with penguins, the first one that comes to mind is when one of our male penguins became enamored with a black rubber boot, and he would court the boot the way that a penguin would normally court a female penguin. He'd dance around the boot and start cooing and flirting with it. His mate would get extremely jealous and she would then try to beat up the boot! She'd start wing-slapping it and biting it. It was actually very funny to watch the whole thing play out!

I hope this helps - good luck with your research project.

All best,

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