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Hello .
I was looking for some information on the maneaters of Tasavo.
why did the animals become maneaters and how many people did they kill before they were stopped.if the guy in the picture was attacked by the lions ,How would they have attacked him .Did they have a cave or lair that they took their prey back to , what all would they have been able to eat and what if anything would be left.

Dear Ewan,

The notorious man-eating lions of Tsavo killed and ate an estimated 140 or so people in 1898, most of whom were Ugandan railroad workers.

There are many possible reasons as to why these lions became man-eaters, not least of which, as haunting as it may seem, is the development of a fondness for human flesh. Lions, like many other hyper-carnivores, are opportunistic predators, and will exploit any potential food supply. Between 1932 and 1947, an entire pride of lions in Southern Tanzania, the so-called "man-eaters of Njombe," killed and ate well over 1,000 humans, as an example. It is moreover known that these lions, while males, were maneless and massive (approximately three meters in length.

A grown man, of course, is no match for an adult lion, male or female. Lions kill by suffocating their prey; by closing the trachea and preventing the entrance of oxygen into the lungs. Yes, these lions lived in a cave, which people today can still visit and see the remains of some of their victims.



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