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Ronnie wrote at 2013-07-26 02:10:44
I had the same problem.  The Finch laid two eggs in my artificial spruce tree and then the tree was blown over and the eggs were broken.

They came back this past week and there were 3 eggs in the next and the following day a 4th egg was there, however, this morning all the eggs had disappeared.  There was no sign of another bird taking the eggs and the trees are deep in the tree with my railing around the balcony so I find it hard to believe a Crow or Magpie could hover and take the eggs out without damaging them.  I do feel so sorry for the Finches but I am now thinking is it just possible they might have moved them.  

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Karl Hildebrand


I can answer questions on raising orphaned raptors and wildlife such as Raccoons, Skunks, Oppossums, Ducks, Geese, other songbirds and animals. Turtle shell repair, fish hook removal from waterfowl. I have not had experience with exotic animals, operating on animals or diagnosing diseases.


I have worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for over 30 years. I have experience mending turtle shells, removing fish hooks from Pelicans, hand feeding Hawks, Owls and other birds. I have raised orphaned raptors, ducks, wild geese, grebes, squirrels, deer, raccoons, oppossums, goats, etc. I worked at Pelican Man's Rehab Center in Sarasota Florida as a volunteer for several weeks, I worked for eight years at the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Morgantown, WV, where I kept a Barred Owl for the Educational Demos for over six years and showed him at events.

I grew up on a farm where I started taking in injured and orphaned animals, talking to the local Veterinarian as to what to do for the animal. We had a dairy farm where I did most of the non-operative Vet work under the guidance of a licensed Vet. I have had 30 years of on the job training working with minor animal injuries and hand raising. I have worked for 30 years at a major University as an Information Systems Specialist. Wildlife Rehab has been a hobby and a passion of mine and I have worked with experts in the field to learn what I can to aide wildlife however I can. I worked eight years as a volunteer at the West Virginia Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, in Morgantown, West Virginia and several summers at the Pelican Man Sanctuary in Sarasota Florida. Raising orphans, minor operations on gunshot wounds, setting broken bones, etc.

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