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Wild Animals/Bobcat in Chicago suburbs???


mimi wrote at 2007-06-21 00:37:45
I think you did see a bobcat. I saw one the other day outside of my job. My first thought was that it was a regular cat, so I called it over. At first, it looked at me kind of spooked but after a minute he approached me and I noticed his beautiful spotted fur and I also realized that he was a little bit taller than most house cats. Anyway, I started petting him and he was very happy. He started rolling around and I think he was purring too. The next day I was talking to my boss, who grew up hunting and knows a lot about wild animals, and she said she a bobcat right outside the day before. So I know it was a bobcat, but I wonder why it was so friendly.

John Mayer wrote at 2010-04-04 03:14:29
I am originally from Wilmette Illinois living downstate in Bloomington. I was driving down Harms Road along Harms Woods Forest Preserve in Glenview one night in about 1975. I passed a dead cat on the road. I stopped, backed up and shined my lights on it and discovered a dead bobcat. I pulled him to the side of the road and got a little shovel out of my trunk and dug a shallow grave for him. I didn't think anyone would believe that it really happened. Last summer I went golfing at the Forest Preserve Golf course on Golf road that is in Harms Woods and was talking to one of the young men working there. He confirmed to me that they have Bobcats on the property and they have been there for years. They are frequently seen roaming the course and all the locals are aware of this. Apparently there is an abundant healthy population of cats along the Des Plains river in Cook County. So your story of the Bobcat living behind the house along a waterway doesn't surprise me at all.I have no idea how dangerous Bobcats are. I hope this confirms some of your suspicions.

Ben wrote at 2013-03-30 16:33:16
I live in Woodridge and often walk my dog along a creek that runs just north of 63rd. I have a seen a bobcat in the com ed easement near a pact of woods right by this creek

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