Wild Animals/Pitbull vs Hyena


Enes wrote at 2007-04-15 22:15:58
Let me help you guys..

First of all, a Hyena never intent to kill and they never attack but only intimidate by numbers if ONLY its about food, they always bite and go away and defend themselfes.. But A Hyena has the ability, it can kill a Lion and can damage / kill even a Male Lion, has happend many times!

How can a Hyena matchup with a Lion or a Male Lion you say!? Its very simple, A fullgrown Female spotted Hyena is very Intelligent animal and on 2nd place just behind a Crocodile in Jaw Strength.. over 1000+ LBS of bite pressure and are pound for pound the strongest animals in this world and they have ridicilously massive and strong neck muscles to match, which allows them to take very much damage to the neck area when something like a Lion bites there and they can turn the head almost 360 degrees... But when a Hyena bites, they CRUSH.. literally, they bite thru large bones as easy and as fast as we humans bite thru butter!! Many people dont understand the power a Hyena possess. When a Lion fights a Hyena, notice how they always use their Claws to control a Hyenas jaws and they immediately bite on the neck to avoid geting bitten..

A Pitbullterrier, is a dog...... is not intelligent and is only bred to fight against other dogs, but its small and vulnerable dog size and jaws which is around 250 LBS of pressure is not even slightly enough to do any kind of damage on a wild fullgrown Female Spotted Hyena, i think even a Rottweiler which has the strongest measured jaw power of any dogs (360 lbs) can even have a better chanse against a Hyena even tho a Pitbull is a better fighter..

If you have knowledge about Hyenas and APBTs you will know that its really dumb to say that a fight between could end up either ways... its laughable and extremly idiotic, sorry to say.

One on One scenario HYENA vs PITBULLTERRIER:


Estimated Fight Time: 40 seconds.

1. The Hyena try to avoid fighting

2. But Pitbull immediately starts running towards Hyena and tries as always to hit a good bite to the neck.

3. Pitbull hits a good bite to the neck and never lets go.

4. Hyena is understanding the situation

5. While the pitbull still hangs on Hyena neck, the Hyena shakes the small doggie around like if its a toy and bites the first body part she can find.. in this case a leg.

6. The leg is now amputated or broken

7. Pitbull shows fighter spirit and still hangs but bleeds very hard, so the Hyena bites of the next 3 legs and everything else she can reach.....

8. Pitbull lays down now, with no legs and bleeds to death...

9. Hyena understands the situation, no more danger... so she walks away like nothing happened.


Estimated Fight Time: 8 seconds.

1. The Hyena try to avoid fighting

2. But Pitbull immediately starts running towards Hyena and tries as always to hit a good bite to the neck.

3. Hyena grabs the Pitbulls skull in air and turns his head into shish kebab.. literally....

I think i made my point  

Kristin wrote at 2007-07-27 17:25:10
Well, the fact that the person used the works "fully trained pitbull" to me means that that pitbull wouldn't attack at all.  I have a full grown full trained pitbull.  She knows how to sit, come, shake, and all that good stuff.

If this person means a pitbull trained in shutzhund, even more so why the pitbull would NOT attack.  Those dogs are given a command to attack and to back off.  And they do.

I'm going to guess, the only way the pitbull would attack is if it WASN'T trained AT ALL.

SomeGuy wrote at 2008-01-15 05:47:30
Are you kidding me? Have you ever actually seen a hyena in comparison to a Pitbull? Now I know that Pitbulls can take dogs of much larger size, but we're talking about a wild animal that will take on a Lion. Look for pictures of a Hyena next to a person. Not to mention that a Hyena's bite is much stronger than a Pitbull's or most any other animal for that matter. A Hyena would make quick work of a Pitbull as it will fight for it's life, not just for sport.

eldon wrote at 2008-05-23 18:22:43
This question is silly. If you know anything about wild animals or even the size of a hyena you would understand that I hyena would take out a pitbull like a pitbull would take out a kitten. Sheer jaw power alone would crush the pitbulls nuzzle. All dogs come from wolves. Its just modified breeding. A pitbull is a beefed up low slung dog built for fighting other pitbulls. I have seen hyenas in person. The female is the larger than males. Even leopards won't even chance an encounter with one.

spike wrote at 2008-05-23 22:12:31
All hyenas are mainly scavengers.not much of a fighter but im sure it fight if it had to while pitbull's are a violent naturally pissed off animal.any way good question i had to research it before i could give an answer.

bluegoldston wrote at 2008-10-01 17:11:09
aient no way a trained pitbull will beat a hyena cause a  hyena jaws is just 2 powerful for any k-9 dog or any dogs

liz wrote at 2008-12-01 22:35:24
on big cat live i saw a hyena fighting two dominant male lions that attacked it.  The hyena lost, but one of he lions died later because the hyena broke its jaw

Adrian Stoat wrote at 2009-05-26 17:43:12
This is a great question and a jolly good answer. But I have reason to believe that the incredible strength of the Hyena would crush a pitbull to bits. Maybe if it were possible to get hold of a pitbull and a hyena we could conduct a cracking experiment!!!.

 Cheers guys yours sincerely

         Adrian Stoat  

punk wrote at 2009-10-11 10:11:50
A hyena is no match for a pitbull.  Hyenas are wild animals whose instinct is to hunt and eat.  Pitbulls are designed for fighting and that is their specialty.

Kayye Nynne wrote at 2010-02-09 15:23:43
The Rottweiler does not by any means have the strongest bite pressure in the dog world. The Mastiff has been measured with a bite pressure of 560 lbs...sure it is no hyena but that is still formidable.

In dogs there is a strong correlation between head size and jaw power which means that there are several breeds that far exceed the Rottweiler's bite pressure such as the Caucasian Mountain Dog which typically has a massive head and I would wager the Boerboel too!

By the way a 60lb American Bulldog measured about 360 lbs bite pressure. But once again no match for the deadly power of the Hyena. Oh and it is interesting in that the female hyena is generally bigger and bulkier than the male.

For the demonstration of jaw strength in dogs check out National Geographic video on youtube entitled Dog AZttack Styles.

Ivan Bg wrote at 2010-07-28 19:40:29

I was asking my self some questions of that kind an googled   it and i found this site...

Its known that prehistoric humans were much much stronger than we are and that is so becaouse of their wild lifestyle. So you can say the same for the wild and domestic animals. I think that the hyena will beat easly a pitbull. Much things point at fatal end for a pitbull i think , and one is that a pitbull for fights weights about 25kg, a hyena about 70 !

dojomark wrote at 2010-08-07 17:31:10
I am no expert but has anyone ever seeing a hyena in person up close? I have and TV and pics don't do it justice.  They have huge heads and thick necks. They are beefy animals and wild animals on top of that. The distance between ears is much wider than I thought. Their heads are bigger than a pitpull.  I've seen mastiffs and Rottweilers with impressive heads but the hyena is something else. I saw hyenas being fed whole chickens and they crushed and bit through them easily. Things to consider: Mountain lions which are about the size of a leopard have had a Doberman Pincshers and a German Shepards for lunch. Not opitbulls that I can recall but I am sure a pitbull would be lunch too. Like a leopard, a cougar wouldn't want to attack a hyena.  There's a reason.

Christian wrote at 2010-09-17 20:55:42
If any type of domesticated dog, such as a Pitbull, was ever to fight a wild Hyena, the Hyena would win with relative ease. Pitbulls may have locking jaws, but Hyenas have some of the strongest bone-breaking jaws in the natural world. Even those Pitbulls who are bred for fighting would be killed when placed against a much heavier, densely armored opponent such as the Hyena (who are bred to take on Lions).

Statistical Advantages (Hyena vs. Pitbull): Weight-Hyena, Bite Force-Hyena, Bone Density-Hyena, Fighting Experience-Hyena, Defense (regarding hair length for buffered bites)-Hyena.

A Hyena would easily rip apart and devour a Pitbull hands down.

Simbakid wrote at 2012-01-18 11:58:17
It is impossible for the pitbull to win.Hyena could beat a lioness,remember that.Pitbull is smaller than hyena so how can a pitbull survive this wild animal?

Hyena hands down!!!!!!

tbco wrote at 2012-04-02 18:23:39
Actually if these animals were to meet in the wild the Hyena would simply run away from the pit bull. Now, if it was a matter of a kill or they were enclosed somehow than those dudes who think it so cool to own a pit bull would find their macho symbol ripped apart.

pit owner wrote at 2012-09-22 03:15:07
This has nothing to do with hynies but my dog is fullblooded pit and she hunts she brings me deer and raccoon and stuff like that

Bangedurdaughter wrote at 2012-12-23 16:14:43
You guys/gals could honestly be some of the dumbest people on the internet... First the croc has the strongest bite in the kingdom... I think they tought thst in 1 st grade ..,5000 psi ?!?

Second none of you gave ever seen a strong fighting pitbull!!! I know a lot of poeple who say "they can beat up a pit" which is as ridiculous as that dude saying pitbulls have locking jaws ( there jaws dont lock idiot)! However anderson silva himself would get torn apart from a pit...  Thing u guys dont understand is the pit was created by man to fight... They use to take down bulls and bears in a rings... Yes bears!

Fact is unless u see a pit in work u cant comment! I quick/strong pit is a killing machine!

And im not talking about your rescue pit that is 65 or 75 lbs...  

game dogs wrote at 2013-01-15 02:00:22
If u could have a pitbull that is the Gamest and fight a full grown hyena that around 50-75 pounds Thur would be no way that the hyena would win it will heart the pitbull but with a 250lbs bite on the pitbull side I think the pitbull would win pound for pound  

Bambi Fae wrote at 2013-01-25 18:03:17
one hyenas are the strongest out of the animal kingdom here are some answers to this no brainer:

Hyena: is smart while equiped with a naturally large body mass,

and jaw power.

While as;

Pit Bull and/or other fighting dog: is dumb, no where close to a

hyenas hieght or wieght and equiped with a acute jaw that though

close but not close enough.

and if I am reading right I this document is on a spotted hyena. So, yes it would not matter what dog or big cat you used because they would not even remotely have a chanse unless they were fighting only one of them. and even then statistics are statistics.  

JJ wrote at 2015-08-04 20:28:46
Watched a pretty horrific video a few years ago of a staffy (much smaller version of the Pit) take a large croc and do a female lion.  The dog was crazed ball of muscle that was so small neither opponent could get to it's body!  Sad really, a SA video of a guy and his crazed staffy hunting game.

Rick wrote at 2015-08-12 05:04:56
Your scenario, apparently seems to cover quite a bit of a potential encounter.  Nevertheless, the weight of a heavier dog or animal (bull, bear, or according to historical accounts, even a lion;this especially if there are several pit-bulls against a lion) has never stopped a pit bull from letting go a lock jaw, if they have one.  Your comment about being "only a dog with no intelligence" is demeaning.  I'm willing to see who's smarter in a careful and monitored study.  Bottom line your comments, as well as mine, are speculations.  You have never, nor have I, seen a pit fight between these extraordinary beasts. If you're going to answer, I appreciate if you keep this conversation in with we have different points of view, civil, avoiding insulting remarks because I will rest my case knowing that I'm dealing with an ignorant or an uneducated individual, in which case you will have no reply from me.

Thanks for your time.

servel20 wrote at 2015-10-25 03:04:21
There have been accounts of Molosser Dogs (APBT, Staffy, Bulldogs, Mastiffs)  getting gored and crushed with their innards hanging out of them, and they would bite the Bull underside until they collapsed and died.

A game and trained pitbull would eventually maul a Hyena to death, granted the pitbull more than likely would die of its own I injuries. Hyenas are strong and powerful, but they're group animals. They will never attack a cheetah or a Leopard if they're alone, they have to have a 5 to 1 advantage on female Lions and a 10 to 1 advantage on full grown male Lions.

Most Hyenas are around 80-100lbs when fully grown, a game trained pitbull is around 65 - 85lbs. If you were to stick a Hyena in a pit with a gamebred pit, the Hyena would run for its life while the dog would go for the underside or underthroat. Once the pit grabbed, it would only let go to readjust the bite to bite harder. While Hyenas bite is made to crush, pit's bite is made to shred and bleed. Bite pressure would matter not as smaller more compact dogs have been known to kill large (less stamina) breeds such as mastiffs and Giant breeds in pit fights.

The Hyena would damage the dog mortally, but the pit would hang on until the Hyena would collapse under exhaustion. More than likely the pit would win most of the time as Hyenas are not attack animals, they're scavengers first.  

jason wrote at 2016-01-29 14:33:11
Who ever wrote this is not educated about pit bulls at all. Although my money would be on a hyena to win a fight between the two. It is very possible for a bit terrior to kill a hyena.  And to say a put is only bread to fight and is unintelligent just shows how unintelligent the writer is about pit bulls.

Josh wrote at 2016-12-31 18:45:01
I suspect that whoever created this thread have never actually seen a live Hyena, neither did he or she take the time to learn about them from credible sources. I have seen Hyenas on safaris, zoos and also studied them for years as an amateur fan of animals. This is a mismatch. The Pit will turn into lunch in about 2 minutes or less.

The dog is great and I have the ultimate respect for them and the breeders who have created this extremely intelligent and effective fighting machine. It is absolutely devastating against essentially all dogs and really any animal that are smaller, same or occasionally larger size then them. But here you are not comparing apples to apples. No matter how game the it is, at some point size and the difference in strenght will play a role. The dog is around 50 - 75LBS average with sometimes larger individuals weighting around 100LBS or so. Has a tremendous fighting spirt and skill along with jaw power. Deadly combo. But...they are no match to the Hyena. Hyenas are much larger averaging around a 120LBS with larger females going up to 150LBS easily. This is conservatively twice the size of the dog. Unfortunately for the pit, this size advantage does translate to twice as much power too if not more. They can be devastating. I have seen a female hyena dragging a wildebeast by herself with ease. I have also seen them carrying antelopes that weight 70 - 100LBS completely hanging from their mouths (not dragging them) which indicates insane neck muscle power. They are in general huge and incredibly powerful. Videos do not do justice when you look a them. The second thing is their jaw power. This is no joke. They are able to break giraffe bones these. They do not just tear wounds like the Pit. They crack bones and essentially amputate limbs with no effort. Most of the time they eat their preys alive and literally disembowel and ripping them apart. They do not just bite, they damage and destroy. Thirdly we are talking about a wild animal here that is killing every day for a living. I know most people think of them as scavengers and while they are specialists at that, they are also actively hunt on the regular basis with great effectiveness. I have also see a female sneaking up on a sleeping wildebeast and kill it single-handedly in about 2 minutes by essentially ripping it in half and eating its organs while it was still alive. They are not cowardly. They are brave and dangerous. They are also messing with Lions. Yes, most of the time they are in groups but occasionally a dominant individual will challenge  lionesses and even fight them if necessary for food. The fact that a lioness or a leopard will not confront a hyena alone should tell you everything you need to know. The lioness and the leopard will easily kill the Pit.  

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