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Patti wrote at 2013-03-17 04:06:22
I have a grey fox who is 11yrs old. My ex-husband found her when she was 1 or 2 days old. She looked like a small pup or kitten. I bottle fed her and like all other baby animals I had to rub her bottom the first few weeks for her to go to the bathroom. She was spayed at 9 months. A few things I have learned is that they have some kind of gland in them that makes their urine smell like a skunk. They are very intelligent and temperamental animals. She doesn't bark, but whines when you give her attention. When I don't give her enough attention she gets mad at me turns her back to me and growls at me instead of whining. And she won't look at me. It takes alittle buttering up on my part, but she forgives me and climbs in my lap and gives me kisses. When I lived in the woods I could let her out of her pen (10X10 chain link) and when she got tired she'd come back to her pen. She's a very picky eater. And has a very big sweet tooth. The only raw food I give her is eggs once a week for her coat. She loves cereal and milk. But even though she has never lived in the wild, she still has a few wild tendencies. Mostly when she's eating or has something she really likes and doesn't want to give it up. Like a dryer sheet. She rubs herself on smells she likes. When I first got her, my dog, cat and her would play together. My dog would deflea her. So it is possible for them to get along with other animals. And she's very protective of me. Only my brother and myself can give her a bath,meds, or even reach down while she's eating. I'm not an animal expert, just an animal lover. I rescue animals domestic and wild. Normally after the wild ones are grown or healthy I set them free. But I couldn't with her because she was to humanized. A fox is a good pet, but I don't recommend people to go out and grab one. They still can be vicious if they don't like something or someone! And they are very temperamental. I hope some of this is helpful. If you have any questions or want a pic of her just e-mail me. I don't understand why zoo's don't have foxes they aren't that hard to care for or to understand. I call her my cat dog. Because she has dogs ways but climbs like a cat.  

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