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JR wrote at 2006-07-06 04:06:20
I'm in the process of helping my cat recover from a bad raccoon attack that happened 5 nights ago, as far as I know the raccoon is not rabid and my cat would have been killed had we not heard the screaming and aimed a water hose at the noise to break up the fight. Our cat now is suffering neurological damage from bites to her skull and neck and face. Our next door neighbors cat was killed last year and a woman and her dog were attacked while on a walk on the street, all in Carmel CA. 7/5/06

nepa1 wrote at 2008-09-05 17:05:04
We live in Texas hill country with many creatures that lurk around, including plety of raccoons.  We have two young cats that live on the back porch most of the time.  One is about 5 months old and is already very big, and another one that is still a kitten at about 11 weeks old. Last night we heard the younger kitten yelling, panicked and looked out to see it was being attacked by a raccoon right on the porch.  Banged on the door to make noise and scare it away, turned on the lights and went out to check the cats.  bigger one was shaken but the younger one was missing.  Luckily we found him a short time later, he had run to hide after the raccoon left.  It does not appear the younger kitten was hurt badly as there was no blood or bite marks, although he want for a rabies update shot today.  It appeared the raccoon was attacking the kitten as its prey and if we had not been there to intervene I believe the kitten would have been out of luck.  So, yes, raccoons do attack cats, although I think a larger more mature cat has less chances of this happening.

Maryam wrote at 2009-08-26 20:12:04
I never thought raccoons were as vicious as they were until I looked in my dadís backyard shed this morning. My father had two runt hens that he kept, generally as a pet and for the occasional egg, and he also has a female cat who had a litter of 4 kittens in a cozy secure spot in the shed.

I was told that a few weeks ago, a raccoon literally broke into the shed and devoured one of the hens. There was nothing left except the head, the two feet, and feathers. This morning they were back. They broke into the shed Again after my father worked to secure every possible spot that could be breached, and practically massacred the last hen, and the four two-week-old kittens. I couldnít believe it. They didnít even eat the chicken, nor the kittens.

robin wrote at 2010-05-30 02:34:32
I live in the woods and I have a lot of raccoons and i also feed them, I have several cats and 2 of my cats chase the raccoons,the raccoons are more afraid of the cats. i have many times looked out my door to see the 2 cats sitting there while the raccoons were eating their food i have lived here for more than 5 years and have never had an incident.

Lisa wrote at 2010-11-07 13:01:30
A raccoon killed my cat last Friday (11/5/10) evening at 6:08pm.

From the blood pattern, I could tell the cat (Gray), tried to run in her outdoor house and the raccoon bit her rear half  and dragged her out into the open and left her for dead!  --She had two broken legs (her right front and right rear), a bite on the face and a patch of missing skin on her rear, as well as many lasceratiins from it's powerful claws and teeth.  The vet had to out her down:(   RIP Gray.  You will remain in our hearts forever.

Lisa wrote at 2010-11-07 13:20:13
Gray was a 10 year old outdoor cat that just wanted to go in her home and mind her business.  She was never looking for a fight.  She probably weighed 12-14lbs.

Up until her massacre, I have seen raccoons in the yard and skunks, living among the outdoor cats in harmony.  (Now i know what had gray scared for the past two months. I thought it was another cat, but i was wrong, a raccoon was stalking her.  For the past few months i have started picking up food after feeding.  I guess it wanted her house! Raccoons do turn on cats and the results, if not broken up is the cat's death! Don't kid yourself people! Non rabid raccoons kill!!!   My vet told me they don't want to eat it, they just like to fight.

Jade wrote at 2011-01-09 02:57:02
First off the woods are for wildlife. Second the fact you let your cats outside to run wild is white trash and irresponsible. Try being a responsible pet owner and leave the wildlife alone in peace. Also make sure to spay or neuter your pets something tells me they probably are not! Try educating yourself.

HaileyH wrote at 2013-04-06 03:11:54
My grandmother's female cat just had two kittens born in the middle of February. Well, sometime today probably an hour before it got dark, the was a racket at the front door. A large racoon, about 2 - 3 times the size of the cats, had came up to the door and grabbed what we thought were both kittens. The coon took them under a low shed, and after banging on the walls of the shed we were able to get the coon out. The coon stayed about 5 feet away from us after that for about 15 minutes. We found one kitten but unfortunately, the coon had eaten 3 of it's legs off. :( We were completely heartbroken. The kitten was definitely in pain and there was no way to save him, so we had to put him down. :( We couldn't find the other kitten and the mother of the kittens was so upset, she kept going to where the incident happened to look for them. Luckily, I heard a little meow on the back porch and found the missing kitten! He was alive and unharmed, just completely terrified and shaken up. He's now inside with his mother until we can find him a home when he's ready to go. I would love to take him home and keep him inside, but my home doens't allow it. :/

I have never heard of an raccoon doing this to a kitten. I've never even seen a coon around my grandmothers house until tonight. He seemed to not be afaid of anything.. anyone else experience this and know how to get rid of a vicious coon? I'm scared he will harm another pet or a child in the neighborhood.

Charmaine Hanslit wrote at 2014-03-02 17:04:52
I`ve had three of my cats killed by racoons in the past five years .I never knew that racoons would do this or I never would have left them out at night .I caught a racoon in my yard one night and let me tell you , they were hard to scare away ! Now I have two cats and they stay indoors period ! .

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