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Wildlife/Robin's nest in hanging plant


Fiona84 wrote at 2014-06-05 00:50:53
What a beautiful response. I am currently watching a robin family grow in my hanging plant. The little creatures are just adorable. I check every night to make sure momma is resting in the basket, on her nest of babies, safe and sound. I have decided to just let the flowers go. Messing with the precious cycle of life is not worth the measly $25. I plan to get a new one if the plant doesn't come back to life after the nest has been abandoned and it's safe to approach.  Plus, it's sure not worth the risk of getting the babies wet/cold  or causing additional stressing to the busy parenting birds. My worry surrounds the babies falling out or practicing flight. How do they get back into the nest? I'm so worried because these babes are growing so fast and it's going to happen soon.  


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