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I need at least 100 names of animals with their gestation periods.

Elephant          22 Months
Hippopotamus          8 Months
White Rhinocerus   16 Months
Black Rhinocerus   16 Months
Giraffe          15 Months
Buffalo          287 Days
Zebra          365 Days
Blue Wildebeest          8.5 Months
Black Wildebeest   8.5 Months
Sable Antelope          286 Days
Roan Antelope          268 Days
Gemsbok          8.5 Months
Eland          9 Months
Red Hartbees          8 Months
Impala          200 Days
Blesbok          240 Days
Bontebok          7.5 Months
Nyala          220 Days
Springbok          6 Months
Kudu          8 Months
Oribi          210 Days
Warthog          6 Months
Bushpig          127 Days
Lion          110 Days
Leopard          3 Months
Cheetah          93 Days
Serval          77 Days
Caracal          70 Days
Spotted Hyena          110 Days
Aardwolf          90 Days
African Wild Dog   70 Days
Chacma Baboon          187 Days
Sivet          70 Days
Vervet Monkey          5.5 Months
Aardvark          8 Months
Pangolin          120 Days
Porcupine          217 Days
South African Hedgehog   35 Days
Springhare          77 Days
Rock Hyrax          201 Days
Large Grey Mongoose   11 Weeks
Water Mongoose          60 Days
Slender Mongoose   42 Days
Yellow Mongoose          60 Days
Banded Mongoose          63 Days
Dwarf Mongoose          63 Days
Suricate          75 Days
Striped Polecat          5 Weeks
Honey Badger          6 Months
Cape Clawless Otter   9 Weeks
African Wild Cat   56 Days
Small Spotted Cat   68 Days
Large Spotted Genet   70 Days
Small Spotted Genet   77 Days
Thick Tailed Bush Baby   125 Days
Southern Lesser Bushbaby   125 Days
Ground Squirrel          23 Days
Tree Squirrel          40 Days
Woodland Dormouse   24 Days
Common Vlei Rat          21 Days
Bushveld Gerbil          22 Days
Rock Elephant Shrew   50 Days
Forrest Shrew          32 Days
Striped Mouse          19 Days
Greater Cane Rat   125 Days
Common Mole Rat          81 Days
Hottentot Golden Mole   1.2 Months
Cape Golden Mole   64 Days

Unfortunately I only have 68 mammals on this list. Due to the fact that I am only familiar with South African Mammals and their gestation periods.  


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