I have been plagued with rabbits all summer the have are decimating my yard.
I have tried putting dog poop in the holes but they are still here.

I have put in fencing burying it deep but they still  get in.  I want to get rid of them how  can I do this without guns. as I am elderly I don't want to get an animal which could be looking for a new home in the years ahead.

Thank you

Hi Maggie,

The most humane way of getting rid of rabbits without guns or poison will be trapping and relocating them. I'd advise you to acquire a few live animal traps, such as those used to trap raccoons, set them up in areas that are used by the rabbits most often, and bait them with fresh vegetables. Make sure the traps are located in the shade and are protected from predators and harsh weather. Check the traps often, ideally a few times per day. You don't want to leave the rabbits in the traps any longer than they need to be.

Let me know if you have any additional questions. Good luck and keep me updated!



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