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She is still lying in the yard. It's been 8 hours and she is breathing but not getting up? The Fish and Wildlife has the day off and the guy came out anyway this morning. He said she should be ok in a couple of hours, but she isn't getting up...what should I do?
I feel terrible about this.
He had to cut the thing off of her foot, it was a big piece of firm rubber and underneath she had an infection when he got it off. He put antiboitics on it too.
Thank you Stacy!

Hi Ann,

I am glad someone came out to help, but the official should have remained there to ensure the deer recovered from the sedation and was up walking around on her own. Did he reverse her sedation? Is she still laying down?

She should have been up within 30 minutes or less if reversed (depending upon drugs used, of course).

8 hours is way too long for her to still be laying down. Ruminants, such as deer, can develop bloat and regurgitate contents (when their head is not elevated) which can lead to aspiration, and possibly pneumonia.

Is there anyway you can encourage her to get up without getting too close? Make sure she sees you there and don't startle her.



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