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Unknown Animal 1
Unknown Animal 1  

Unknown Animal 2
Unknown Animal 2  

My son caught these 2 images on a trail cam and we are stumped to say the least.
This is a wooded area in New York State. Approx. 46 miles south of Syracuse and 43 miles north of the PA border.
Any light anyone can shed is most appreciated.

Thank you !

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your question. I've reviewed the images, and although I am not certain, it does appear to be a dark-colored cat. Are there feral colonies of cats in the area? I based my answer upon the sharp, pointy ears, the size of the animal in relation to surrounding structures, the length and gait of the animal, as well as the proportion of the limbs to body size. The tail is difficult to make out due to the light/shadows of the images. It is definitely a carnivore, to say the least. Does this help? Let me know if you have any additional questions or if you think it may be something different.

Thanks again,


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