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I have a lot of tracks in my outside basement stairwell. I don't use it so there's a lot of snow in it. It's just concrete or the stairs are wood. They're not in the house. It's a brand new home.  Would they live in the snow? It creeps me out seeing tracks next to the house.

Hi Lou,

The tracks appear very similar to a wild rabbit or hare, or even a squirrel as they move similarly to rabbits. It may take a bit of investigating to spot them in order to positively identify them, as wild rabbits are much more active at dawn and dusk. Just to be sure, I'll include a link that shows what rabbit tracks look like and hopefully this will help you to compare the tracks near your home:

You may even be able to find fecal pellets (scat) near your home that may also help to identify the wildlife visitors! If it is safe to do so in your area, you may try to follow the tracks to see where they lead- if they disappear near a tree, it's probably a squirrel. If they lead into brush, possibly a rabbit or hare.

Please let me know if this helps you or if the tracks do not quite match what you are seeing. I am interested to find out!

Thank you!


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