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I have been feeding squirrels, birds and chipmunks peanuts in my yard for many years. Today I had a squirrel that climbed up my storm door screen, ripped a hole in it with its claws and repeatedly chewed the screen to get in, presumably to get a peanut. She made a hole big enough to get in, but she was between the screen and the storm window, and managed to get out. She also tried jumping from the patio chair to the window a few times thinking there was a way in, but the screen is on the inside so there was nothing to grasp; she bumped the glass and fell each time. Is this 'normal' aggressive behavior for a squirrel, or should I be concerned? Thanks!

Hi Barbara,

It sounds like you have a squirrel that knows how to get what she wants! Squirrels that have been habituated in residential areas can learn how to gain entrance into homes, especially if they have been successful in the past and know that there is food available. They can be especially persistent in that aspect. They have also been known to chew holes into tents to get to food campers have stored there (which is one reason not to leave food in tents).

If the squirrel continues to be a pest, it may be best to locate a trapper or pest control expert in your area to trap and relocate it.

As with all wildlife, I advise avoiding contact with it since some abnormal, aggressive behaviors may be linked to disease.

Thank you for your question. Let me know if you have further questions or updates. I hope the squirrel soon learns that she cannot gain entrance into your home!

Have a great day,



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