We had two geese in our yard when we got up this morning. They are Canadian Geese. They aren't interested in bread or seed but love our clover. They aren't full grown as they are small and do not fly away when you approach. We have even petted them and was able to pick one up for a moment. They don't seem to be scared and don't attempt to bite at all. I am worried that they are separated from the flock but not sure why they would do so. Could they have had eggs somewhere or is one of them hurt? What can I do for them or should we just keep distance from them? They seem almost disoriented. Please help me help them if it is even possible. Thank you for your time and expertise.

Hi Laura,

That is certainly unusual behavior for Canada Geese. Like most wild animals, they often avoid human contact and hiss and threaten to bite if you get too close. Do they have all of their adult feathers or still have a downy fuzz? Is there any way you can send me a quick photo of them to take a closer look?

For now, I would avoid contact with them. Be aware that avian influenza viruses can be carried by migratory ducks and geese, and although not always causing disease in those species, they can transmit the virus to other birds such as chickens. If you have birds as pets, I would be cautious about interacting with other species of birds to avoid the possibility of disease transmission to your own pets. Wash your hands with warm, soapy water and change clothes before handling other birds. Avian influenza has been detected in wild geese in Kentucky; however, I do not mention this to frighten you or to even declare that the geese are infected with the virus, but to bring awareness about exhibiting caution around wildlife.

Geese normally feed on grasses and some grains from fields, hence the reason why they prefer your clovers.

Sending me a photo of them will further aid in the completeness of my answer to help you.

Please let me know if you have further questions or updates as well.

Thank you for your question,



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