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I had been watching a morning dove build her nest in a palm tree where I live in Florida. We had bad rains and wind last week. As I was walking my dog the next morning, I noticed that the nest had been blown out of the Palm. I found two baby doves on the ground. One was dead, the other alive but very cold. I slowly warmed up the baby. Figuring that it was probably hungry, I moistened dry dog food and puréed it. The baby took it. It also took puréed canned dog food. So far, so good. I started researching dove diets. I bought a can of "Exact" hand feeding formula. The baby likes it. How often and how much should I feed it? When do they start eating seeds? I have been feeding it about every three hours.. This is a very different experience for me. I love wildlife but have never had to tend to a baby bird. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. By the way, the baby is about five to six days old.

Hi Virginia!

Thank you for saving this baby!

I would suggest taking the dove to a wildlife center, wildlife veterinarian, or licensed wildlife rehabilitator near your area. They can provide the dove with the care it needs and will release it when it is ready. Mourning Doves are also protected by federal and state laws so it is illegal to posses without proper licenses and permits.

Here is a link to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission which includes a list of wildlife rehabilitators by county:

You can also contact your regional fish and wildlife office for more help when finding a rehabilitator near you:

Thank you again for caring about wildlife; I hope the above information is helpful.




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