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Wildlife/black mamba vs. king cobra


Dee wrote at 2007-05-02 14:09:05
No your wrong the black mamba would win no matter what. Even though that snake has the name King Cobra he would not win!

Allién wrote at 2007-07-14 06:36:36
The king cobra is the biggest snake and it's an expert in hunting other snakes, since it feeds on them. But the black mamba, which is not that much smaller than the king cobra, it's the fastest snake, and also known as the most aggressive one, it also delivers the biggest amount of venom in one single bite, more than a king cobra. Therefore, my vote goes for the black mamba.

Allién wrote at 2007-07-14 06:41:44
The king cobra feeds in other snakes, therefore it's an experienced snake hunter. But the black mamba is the fastest, most aggressive snake, it also delivers the biggest amount of venom in a single bite. Therefore, my vote would go to the black mamba.

Vivek wrote at 2008-09-28 13:36:38
Yes the cobra Is used to Praying on other snakes, But i bet they wouldn't have ever encountered  each other in the wild as they belong to different habitats.The Black mamba being very fast and a little different more aggressive than other snakes would definitely be competition for a king cobra.Black mambas have known to have bit 4-5 cows in a single setting killing all of them and even 5-6 humans in a killing spree.But here is where the King cobra has the advantage the King cobra is thinking/calculating snake,so once it studies and understands black mamba behavior before it engages into a fight with one it could probably take the black mamba out,otherwise i guess the black mamba wins.

ashish naik wrote at 2010-01-29 09:13:22
I think king cobra would win .The king cobra is bigger than black mamba and it's an expert in hunting other snake . While hunting other snakes , other snakes do bite the king , but it won't affect the king cobra . but if king cobra bites black mamba ..? its like 40-60 percent . 60 percent king and 40 to black mamba .

Dave Howe a former allexpert wrote at 2010-05-22 21:49:14
I agree the king cobra would win in a fight however the mamba is definitely more dangerous to humans as it is much faster and has a unique multiple strike technique therefore if I had to be trapped in a room with one of these snakes I would definitely pick the cobra as it gives you a fair amount of warning before it strikes  

DeathStalker wrote at 2011-03-18 12:02:12
i would say the mamba would win as they can be highly agressive when feeling threatened, and strike multiple times with high speed, also mambas have a more potent venom then the king cobra also mambas can grow to more then 2/3 of the size a king cobra so maybe a king cobra would not even attempt a go at a black mamba.

but either way i would vote the mamba to win.

DJ Ermac wrote at 2011-12-02 20:03:10
King Cobra is immune to venom that's why it can so easily hunt and prey on other deadly venomous snake. The face-off is literally impossible but if there was any chance, black mamba will be happily sitting in the Serpent King's belly. So King Cobra rocks!!!!

Ashish K Lal wrote at 2015-01-08 19:48:30
As per my understanding King Cobra will win because King cobra do have lot experience on killing other snakes and eating them.


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