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Hi Stephen,
I live in Loomis, CA a rural area near the Sierra-Nevada Mt. foothills.  I have a deer on my property with a broken back leg.  It seems to be hanging from the hip.  He is also missing half of his antlers.  When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area we had a deer with a similar problem and were told not to call animal control, since they would just shoot it.  The deer was still alive 18 years after we originally saw her and the leg healed to provide some support to the animal's body.  In this situation, however, the leg is dangling too high to ever provide any support for the animal, if it heals.  The deer makes it up to the top of our property every evening to eat some toyon.  Should I proved some additional food for the animal?  I hesitate to interfere, since I don't want to attract mountain lions or coyotes to the injured deer.  It's difficult to watch it hobble up the hill.  thanks for your help.  Jan

Whether you feed it or not is ultimately up to you. I would suggest not feeding it because you might end up getting more than you bargained for. Nature is a cruel place. I wonder if it got hit by a car, that would explain the loss of half the antlers. I think shooting it (assuming all laws are followed) would be a responsible thing to do if you want it to have a more humane death. I would think the California game department could provide a permit.  

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