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Willis, Bruce/Bruce Willis Uncredited Movie Role


skymom wrote at 2012-03-10 06:13:12
I have always thought that it is him! Looks JUST like him!

Shannon wrote at 2014-07-25 14:31:15
I was just coming here to ask if he's the drummer in "Back to School"! Either he has a couple of uncredited roles from early in his career or he has a doppelganger!  

Willis, Bruce

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Laramy Wells


I have followed the career of Bruce Willis since his "Moonlighting" days. I know quite a bit of tidbit information on Bruce`s films. Questions on Bruce`s personal life I may not be able to answer. I do not know much about Bruce`s personal life away from what we see on the silver screen. Any questions about a Bruce Willis movie, I should have the ability to answer. I own almost all of Bruce`s films and have seen many of them several times. I also enjoy finding out about behind the scenes information. For these reasons I hope you will consider me an expert of Bruce Willis.

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