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Windows 2000/Installation of Windows 7, restrictions on activating it more than one time?


Hello, and thank you very much for being willing to answer questions.

I had a previous laptop computer, a MacBook, but I found that the hard disk size was too small to be able to store Windows programs once Boot Camp had been set up. I also found that because the outside of the computer was made of weak plastic, the front edge kept breaking over and over, no matter how many times I sent it to be repaired. This is a known design flaw in that model of computer. I found this too expensive. So, I decided to uninstall Boot Camp, and I got a MacBook Pro (faster, outside made of metal, etc.)

The one thing that concerns me is that, of course, I am going to try to install my copy of Windows 7 on my new computer. It is a student copy purchased at college years ago. The purchase was completely legal, but I have now graduated. Therefore, I cannot ask college technical services for help. One more reason I could not work on the issue for some time was because my father died, so I then had many more things to do.

I am concerned that when I install Windows 7 on this new computer, Windows 7 is certainly going to use the internet and it will find out that it has already been installed on a different computer. This was several years ago, because it took time before I could afford this new computer, which has extra disk space provided.

I worry that if I try to install Windows 7 on this new computer, then there will be no way for me to convince the people at Microsoft that I am not a thief. Is my concern valid? What do you advise? I am a disabled person, and I really need this computer. I have heard that nowadays, Microsoft is fanatical about trying to destroy suspected thieves, and has no mercy on those they suspect. I don't want Windows 7 to lock my computer, or for me to end up being arrested.


Hi Julian,

Do you have the product key information and CD handy? If you do and have problems activating Windows 7 on the MacBook Pro, you can call up Microsoft (number will be provided on that screen) and tell them that you wish to deactivate it on the other MacBook (won't be used anymore) and have the license activated for the MacBook Pro.

I haven't checked, but depending on how different the hardware specs are between the two MacBooks, it might work without any intervention if they are very similar. Otherwise, you will need to contact Microsoft. Don't worry, don't want throw you in jail or anything. It just won't work or it will work but have very limited features for like 30 days.


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