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QUESTION: Hello Kevin,
  I am using a Intel Pentium 4 system (purchased 9years back). As it is my first computer, I still work with this. Its a dual boot system, with Windows 2000 and Windows XP on separate drives.
  I recently purchased a new keyboard, the problem is upon connecting, I witnessed that the keyboard is not supported by Windows 2000, and for Windows XP it works fine.
  Could you please suggest me for the keyboard to work on Windows 2000.
  Please note that I didn't get any drivers CD along with the Keyboard.

thanking you

ANSWER: Hi Sumazu,

What kind of keyboard is this exactly? You can check the manufacturer's website to see if they have a specific driver for that keyboard that works with Windows 2000.


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 The keyboard I purchased is TVS champ, and the manufacturer doesnot provide any specific driver.
 Kindly let me know, if there is any way to get the support for windows 2000 for the mentioned keyboard to work.

thanking you

Hi Sumazu,

Is it one of the following keyboards by any chance:

I would try contacting them through that website if that's the correct manufacturer and see if they have a Windows 2000 driver.


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