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Windows 7/IE9 - "Add a Favorite" Box Not Displayed


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In IE9, when I click on the star symbol and then the "Add to Favorites" bar in the box that is displayed and then "Add to Favorites..." on the pull-down menu, the "Add a Favorite" box is not displayed on one of my Windows 7 computers.  It is displayed on my two other Windows 7 computers.  Thus, I am not able to add a web page to the Favorites list on this one computer.

I was going to reinstall IE9, but the Microsoft download wouldn't let me do it because I have updated the original IE9 with Windows Updates.

I also tried to use the IE9 Microsoft Fixit, but that did not solve the problem.

I also tried to import a backup of the Favorites, but the process ended with a red X.

Do you have any suggestions for my getting back access to the Add a Favorite box from the pull-down menu?

Hello Martin
I haven't seen this issue before , but usually if there are problem with IE9 you can reset IE9 to default by open internet explorer then going to tool then options the advanced this hit the button that says reset and check the box that says something delete personal settings etc..

also goto your user profile  you can do this by clicking start then typing %userprofile% and hit enter , see if the favorites folder is there if not then create one and call it Favorites , if there is one already right click on it and then choose properties and then goto location and click restore default or default

let me know if it worked cause if not there are other possibility for it not to work and many other fixes.

if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime through or directly at

have a good day.

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