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QUESTION: I have a Asus N61J series laptop with a built-in wireless network and running windows 7 home premium.  Most of the time it works fine except when I hibernate and open the computer later on.
Every time, it does not connect the wireless automatically, I have to run a diagnostic to find the problem which it sometimes will. It mostly says the wireless connectivity is turned off and it may turn it on but not always.
I have been browsing the internet and have been told to turn off the Wireless Console 3 which if a file that comes with an Asus laptop, but I cannot find that.
I have checked my wireless connections and notice I have two connections, wireless network adapter a wireless network adapter 2
I thought I should remove the second entry but I cannot find where to do that. I have opened up the hidden devices and it shows the following list in the attachment.

Which do I delete without removing the one that I need.

ANSWER: Hello Allan

I am glad you contacted me before finding what you were trying to delete, because that would have really screwed things up.  If you are connecting wirelessly then removing the wireless network device would have you never connecting and that is not what you want.

The problem is quite simple really.. fact is you are placing your computer in to hibernation when you probably should be settling for SLEEP mode if it is a laptop.  I suggest going to the power management (start menu, type the word power in the search and then choose power management option) make sure the regular power profile is selected and then click on advanced options.  You may have to then select the 'change options not currently available' now scroll through the list unti you come to network adapters and change the settings to 'maximum performance' when on battery and on power. view image here:

It is normally set to maximum power savings when on battery.  That is the first step. Then check when the computer sleeps.. I suggest the following.. when plugged in to ac power, never sleep or hibernate. When you close the lid on AC Power, never sleep or hibernate.  When running on battery, sleep after 10 minutes, never hibernate. When you close the lid on battery, sleep.  Now get out of the power settings and go to the DEVICE MANAGER  (start menu and type 'device manager' in the search and then select it from the results)  now click on the +sign next to the networking devices which should reveal the two network adapters you have. One is the ethernet (wired) connection and the other the wireless. Double click on each device (you will do this in two steps obviously) and once you double click on it, make sure they are selected to allow the power management to wake, etc. View image here:

Hibernate has been around since Windows XP, back when it took at least 3 minutes to boot up from start. What happens when you hibernate is the system creates a hibernate file of what is currently running and saves it to a file on your hard drive and then powers off. When you turn on the computer it will read the hibernate file and load from there, saving a little time on the boot process. The problem is when you are using a wireless connection, it will also read the existing wireless properties such as current IP Address, DNS, etc and doesn't refresh.

I would also suggest visiting my website at and read the TIPS page on OPTIMIZING your computer. Then go to the SOFTWARE/SUPPORT page and install all the items from the PINK section as they will help with the ongoing cleaning, removal and maintenance from the malware/spyware problems that can also cause issues with regards to networking and power management.  Since the computer ships with tonnes of trialware software as well, you should use the PC DE-CRAPIFIER which was recently added. This along with CCLEANER and MALWAREBYTES are a must!

I hope this helps,


Mike Dacre
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QUESTION: Thank you for your response to my problem. I tried putting my laptop to sleep instead of hibernation but it did not really help and the lights on the sides keep flashing all the time.

I found that "wireless console 3" that someone said to remove on the net and it did seem to help for a while but my wireless network card in the laptop is a Atheros AR9285 and I think it is trying to connect with the  microsoft virtual wifi network adapter built in, and there is a yellow exclamation mark next to this in the device manager. .

I also changed the channel the modem was running on and, even though it connects better. it still does not connect to the internet until I run the network troubleshooting in the network and sharing centre.

I still think the problem is being caused by the fact that I have a wireless network and a wireless network 1 listed. How can I remove one of these?

ANSWER: Hello Allan

You will always have troubles with the computer going to sleep or hibernate if you have device driver issues, which you stated you do have (the exclamation point next to your one device).. the image you attached shows to me that you also have the optional 'view hidden devices' selected and you should NOT.. since this is why you are having troubles understanding which devices you are supposed to remove.

There should only be two network devices present once you hide the devices. One will be the ethernet adapter (wired connection) and the other the 'atheros wireless'..  Since you already know the problems you are having are with the wireless then you will want to select it and choose REMOVE/UNINSTALL from the button on the toolbar above within the device manager. Once you do this, restart your computer and allow windows to re-detect the device. It should install correctly but if it doesn't then you should be going and downloading the latest available driver from the website which I am providing you with a link here: (just choose your OS version)

As you will find a number of options, knowing you have the ATHEROS or maybe you don't and that is why you are getting the error... I suggest going a step further once you have removed the wireless device and also download the ACUS UPDATER software so that you can confirm you are also using the latest BIOS as that will also repair a lot of issues typically. In the same download page scroll through to the UTILITIES and select the
ASUS Live Update Utility   You will also notice the BIOS and BIOS UTILITIES.

Since you are unsure of what bios you are using, the live update utility should check all current software and tell you what you need however you can also install the free 'belarc advisor' which will tell you exactly the BIOS version you have so that you can make sure you have the latest.

Belarc Advisor can be installed from here:

Hope this solves the problems (it should!)


Mike Dacre
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before uninstalling wlan in device manager
before uninstalling wl  

network devices as shown in device manager
network devices as sho  
QUESTION: I am still having trouble with my wireless connection. It says it is connected but it will not connect to the Internet.

I find if I uninstall the microsoft wireless, it will connect ok until next time I start the computer. I have a picture of my wireless connections in device manager in the attachments. And the Belarc says it is a Atherous as shown.  Can I turn off the wwan auto service permanantly?

Hello once again

At this point I would say to go ahead and disable it and see what happens.. if you have success then great, otherwise re-enable the device.  What I might suggest to eliminate all further problems is, if you are going to continue to place your computer in sleep or hibernate mode, to simply switch the physical wireless switch to OFF when you place to sleep or after it has been placed to sleep, then when you wake the computer and once it is fully awake, turn the wireless switch on.. this will work the same as re-enabling it from the device manager and save you from going in there.  


Mike Dacre
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