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Hello Saed

My network has been working fine up until yesterday. However, yesterday, on only my Toshiba laptops with Windows 7,  I could not connect to the other computers. When I tried to diagnose the problem, I received the below error message.
"local area connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration.
My other computers are still working through the network fine. For a start only one of my Toshiba computers had the problem and the other one's network was working. Then a few hours afterwards the other one has the same problem.

I did a web search on the above error message and saw several suggestions to fix the problem? However, people suggested to try so many different things. I did not know which one to try. Do you have any suggestions based on my situation above? I thought it may not be the router as only the Toshiba computers have the problem. We had a thunderstorm which interrupted the power. However, this may not have caused the problem because one of My Toshiba computers' network was working after the thunderstorm and only had a problem a couple of hours later.

Regards Richard.

Hello Richard how are you doing

well this could be caused by a lot of things so lets try them one by one , but it does look like a problem with the router , so for a start , turn of the toshiba computer completely and then turn off the router and modem then turn the modem on and the router then the toshibas then see if that fixed it.

first click on start -> all programs -> accessories , then right click on command promt and choose run as administrator  , command promt windows will open

then type in the following commands and hit enter after each line

Reset TCP/IP stack: netsh int ip reset reset.log
netsh winsock reset catalog   

then reboot your computer and login in and see if it picked up an ip address and you are able to connect to the network , if that didnt work go again to start all programs accessories and right click on command promt and choose run as administrator command promt window will open type in the following command and hit enter after the line

ipconfig /release /renew   

see if that fixed it too , if not turn off your router and your modem  and then turn them back on and see if that fixes the issue

also some people had problem with bonjour service that install it self with apple itunes or quick time so you may need to disable that service by going to start -> control panel -> administrative tools -> services , locate bonjour and right click on it and click properites then change the service start type to disbaled then click stop and restart the computer and see if that fixed the issue.  if you dont have that service listed ignore it , and look for a service called dhcp client and right click on it and make sure its set to automatic and started then reboot.

if none of the above fixed the issue , let me know what kind of a router you have and what is the model # for toshiba , and what is the anti virus installed on that toshiba computers , because we may need to get into the router configurations and make sure there are enough ip address to be leased to computer " sometimes it gets wacky on power shutdowns , and sometimes and update to the antivirus can cause such problems.

you can reply back through or directly at

have a nice day and good luck.  

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