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Windows 7/Plugging into USB port causes reboot


Hello: I am running Win 7 Home Premium and have noticed that connecting my camera or tablet to a USB port sometimes causes the computer to reboot.I was wondering if it could be an issue with static electricity,as it happened again today when I hooked up my tablet to sync it.Thanks!

Hi Michael,

Is it only happening to the same USB port? Do you have any other USB ports available that you can try using?

Front USB ports tend to have less power so try using the back USB ports whenever possible. Things like USB flash drives should be fine. I would think a camera should be fine also, but try using the back if you haven't tried it already.

If this is indeed happening to the front USB ports only, there might be a short somewhere. If you are comfortable opening up the computer case and working inside of it, I would suggest the following:

1. Turn off the computer completely and disconnect it from the power outlet (or flip the switch in the back of the computer's power supply if it has one). Then push the power button and hold it down for like 2-3 seconds. I just do this to make sure the last trickle of power is not available.

2. As usual, ground yourself and avoid doing this on a carpeted area. Touching the outside of your computer case should discharge any static. Now look at where the front USB ports are and trace the cable going into the motherboard. Make sure it's plugged into the motherboard securely and not loose. Also check the cable for any damage.

One other thing you can try is to get a USB hub. You can get a 4 port USB hub and plug it into the back of your computer and extend the hub to the front where your keyboard/mouse is. You can then use it to plug in additional USB devices.

Hope that helps.


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