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When I go to open Live Mail in Windows 7 it tells me that I need to run an update to my Windows Live Essential. When I try to run the update I get an error message 0x80040609. Someone told me I may have to uninstall and then reinstall Windows Essential. Live Mail is part of Windows Essential so I assume that when I reinstall Windows Essential Live Mail will also install. Will I then have to reset all of my account information?  What about all of my inbox emails, folders, and contacts?  Will I lose them or can I reinstall them?  Is there any other way to fix this besides doing the uninstall/install procedure?  Thanks

Hello Doug how are you doing
unfortnatly i looked the error up and its looks like uninstall it wont even fix the problem
and i cannot tell you fi you are going to loose your emails folder contacts because i do not know what kind of email setup you have , usually a pop3 emails yes you may loose them , but connecting to hotmail or gmail IMAP not gmail POP will keep them all with some exceptons to contacts

one successful thread was to clean the registry and using an offline windows essentials installer to fix the issue

1.goto and download ccleaner install it and then goto to registery scanner and scan then fix the errors " make sure to save a copy when asked incase if something wrong happens you can restore it back"  

2. then download .netframe work 4 and install it then reboot the system

3.then goto control panel windows update and check for updates and install them

4.then download offline windows essetnails  from
and try to install it or upgrade the current installation.

this shouldnt effect your windows live emails stuff and it should keep them as is , but if that didnt work you have to do the same steps but first you need to uninstall it then redo step 1 and 4

hope that fixes the problem
if you need more help please feel free to contact me back anytime through or directly at

good luck! and have a nice day.  

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