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could you please tell me which is the best way to keep shortcuts to various frequently used websites or programs  it is said keeping them on the desktop is not good for the computer  should we take them to favorites or elsewhere

thank you

Thank you for your question!

Do not worry about keeping your favorites in any specific place.  Be it your desktop, or otherwise.  It doesn't matter where you keep them.  When you add a favorite on Google Chrome, for instance, it just creates the very same link you would on your desktop, it just stores it in a different place.  It all really comes down to how you prefer to keep your favorites organized.  If you have your favorites stored in your browser, you can easily click them from the browser, or search for them in the Address Bar.  If they are on your Desktop, they are always in sight when you need them.  Again, it is all up to you.  I assure you, keeping them on your Desktop is NOT harmful to your computer in any way.

I hope I was able to answer everything for you.  If not, feel free to message back!

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