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  You have helped me a lot in the past.  I hope you can help me here.  I have an Averatec all in one with Win 7 that is about 3 years old.  For the last year it takes a very long time to shut down, like 3-5 minutes.  Sometimes I wonder if it will every turn off.  I use programs like Advanced System Care, Disk defragmentor and CC cleaner but that does nothing to help shut down.  This has been a great computer but now I am starting to wonder.
  Can you tell me what to do.  Is the computer dying?  Or is it software related.

There are probably misbehaving programs taking their sweet time to shut down. I've found that when this starts to happen the BEST solution is to just wipe the hard drive and start with a fresh copy of Windows again. Your PC will run as good as it did when you first bought it. Back up your data first, of course.

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