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Lately I have been having issues with my computer having High CPU usage. Norton has a pop up screen that says "High CPU Usage"

Almost everything my computer does lately I get the "High CPU Usage"

My computer is very slow.

I have not done anything different lately, such as installed programs, etc.

I am a novice when it comes to computers and don't pretend to know more than I do.

A little about my computer.

I have windows 7 Home premium 64 bit, service pack 1, AMD Athlon IIx2 250 processor 3.01 ghz, 2.0gb installed RAM, NVIDIA Geforce 210

My hard drive is 297 gb (300gb) and I have currently 179 gb free space.

For internet I have comcast and use Mozilla Firefox, version 17.0.1

I have Norton Security Suite (Version as comcast (Norton is up to date) provides it free, and run CC cleaner (Version 3.25.1872)  frequently to clean my cache, etc.

I have frequently ran scans with Norton and it doesn't find anything unusual. I have defragged my hard drive using Auslogics Disc Defrag lately as well.

I have a Motorola SB6120 Surfboard Modem, and a Cisco Valet Plus M20 Router.

According to my latest test ran on 12/8/12 is PING; 10ms, Download 24.92mb, Upload 4.23 mb.

I recently ran Hijack this, however dont really understand the results.

Can you please help.

Thank You Very Much."

Hi Steve,
I have a few recommendations for you

All though Microsoft recommends a minimum of 2 gig of ram for Windows 7 64 bit, 4 gig is better. As low as the prices are for memory right now I would differently upgrade.  Use one of the following websites to determine what speed of memory your system uses:


Once you determine the speed of memory your computer needs go to to purchase it.

I would also recommend running some additional scans on your computer.
Download, install and update
Spybot Search and Destroy (
Malwarebytes (
and then run scans with eacb.

CCenhancer can enhance the capabilities of ccleaner (

Lastly I know that Comcast offers Norton for free, however I recommend uninstaalling it and installing AVG.  I have Comcast and do not use Norton.  It does its job ok but has to many bells and whistles.  I had a computer in the shop that had Norton on it.  I timed its start up time with Norton at offer 5 minutes; I removed Norton and installed AVG the startup time was reduced to less than 2 minutes.

I hope I have answered your question.  If not please ask a follow up question.


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